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the other hand scarlet fever often prevails sporadically for

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has been definitely established. We have observed children whose symp

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difficulty. The everted mass appears to have a narrow neck opposite

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tissue has been thoroughly destroyed by the caustic the further action

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July 5th Sunday the mules were not worked but two were found

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crime and disease after ten o clock at night at which hour

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anticipate the cerebral symptoms in fever. Never allow the cerebral symp

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sive effects from a simple cold through all the organs of the

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ethereal or alcoholic tincture of the seeds operate in much smaller

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schools are already doing and the possibilities which their program con

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the researches which he had been carrying on for many

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Continuing in another esse lie hod examined thespatnm.

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tomy as a possible operation. Common and cystic ducts reduced to

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tween the bodies just described and crescents for example

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and below both cities had but 500 cholera patients

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representing the normal limit. The amount of gland substance required

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not given much trouble until a few weeks liefore operation.

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which they have been previously subjected. The products of

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studied. In the latter no characteristic organisms were

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these cases. In cases where the stone forlnation is

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ties are removed from the path of the student the book

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Possibly James Whitcomb Riley has undulj praised the virtues

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proved the safety of exploration of the bladder by

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Guaiacol or its Carbonate has now come into general use

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this condition. Tracheotomy afforded relief for a short time but the

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appear to be run by one company such is not the case. Messrs.

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littlft lamp proved to be rather more difficult than

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by some of the best men of the profession men of age

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This simple inversion of the vagina during pregnancy however dis

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blame and one may get reactions to several foods and the

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two coats the inner one being attached to the organs contained in

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is worthy of a trial. cMelanosarcomata of recent growth

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otomy more distinctly and in his treatise On the ill con

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tionality. The conditions are the same in the south

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of foreign body and it may be jjrolonged for months.

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carried out by the following set of vessels 1 The accessory portal system

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massage. The author has had good results from galvanism and be

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containing 11.drams of formalin. 3 With 60 per cent alcohol

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with a little water. The chlorate of potassium may be

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of a lesion involving the motor corte.x. In these cases the most freipient

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these thirteen teaching hospitals. The explanation given

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from the peritoneum at the same time the umbilical hernia was treated.

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ology symptoms and pathology of a dilated sacculated

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Malta Fever Case Report Thompson and Carrington 817

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make these soaps is overacid. That causes the ammonia in the urine. The

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abort much easier than others. But this is not the most serious

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Bild wir bringen Figur 1 da die beiden anderen bereits in der Medizin

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diseases of cattle in these regions. Sir David Bruce s

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itable to give the present accepted ideas concerning this trouble

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remain unchanged. Dyspnoea is in some cases greatly due to associated

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dissipation increases at the time that heat production is

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and ruptured. The cyst was removed the uterus replaced and the

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veratrinized muscle is one of them. During the con

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differentiation of the sexes. The male is usually pro

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the preparation of the various milk modifications and foods that are

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lactic acid. Also it is to be remembered that they may carry very

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afterwards set at liberty in rich pastures they eat greedily distend

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the Faculty of Medicine of Paris medical autographs by

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