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The full error as revealed under atropine is spoken of as the Total
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been paralysed was beneficially affected oy the stroke but the case was
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orrhage. Liver The cells are swollen and very homogeneous the capillaries narrowed.
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files of journals and transactions I attribute largely to
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of the scavenger beetle. It is the doubly refractive sub
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Butter your mould then put in a layer of veal and ham
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the sharpest difference of opinion and the greatest probability of a
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of starchy saccharine and fatty foods which require for their diges
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traditional Papierunssenechaft which has been slavishly accepted
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mous subjects severe nasal catarrh otorrhcea and unhealthy ulcera
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thoughtful practitioners I hope and expect to find that your meeting
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operation. Suppurative meningitis was found extending to the
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accompanied with more or less fever damp kennels often cause it. Its signs
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tained 1 per cent of albumin no sugar a considerable amount of
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More detailed information with regard to the University
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Physical examination showed very numerous moist rales over
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perimental work has not substantiated this conception nor that which consid
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mare. Thes animals are sontetimes sold to foreigners but they bear
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year Bishop Burnet died and Mead Cheyne and Sir Hans Sloane
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In case the operation must be repeated it is advisable to
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its insertion when the temperature had fallen to ioo 1 Fahr. and the
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such information was empliasizcd and it was decided to
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ous diseases which spring from it and spread misery and death among
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gauze. The second stage of the treatment consisted in the passage
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nothing now remains of his progressive muscular atrophy.
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may be shut oil into small groups by portions of the reticulum.
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illustrations while not uniformly excellent clearly show what
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when moistened they have a pungeRt somewhat acrid but cooling
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On the person of the experimentor it was different. On his
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urethritis in the form of a ridge the thickness of a ring finger.
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term Raynaud s disease should be discarded and in its place
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tion into a fever hospital about twenty eight years ago.
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tion was as to the effects of different strengths on
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A memorandum published December 31 1917 by the Surgeon General
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yields its virtues to water or alcohol. The best time for
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And once more the seven members were on hand in wise array
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and believe that other diseases such as scarlatina and
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specialities but also by the firms that fit them as standard.
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group of cases was quite typical of empyema following the breaking down of
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occasion. Lues affections are rendered more virulent and gonorrhoea is
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globulin negative cells 11 Fehling s plus. He received two treat
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most likely to prove interesting io our readers and we re
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and 160 per annum respectively. 2 Assistant Medical Officer
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practice of medicine but this contention was promptly
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extra systolic arrhythmia appeared. There were no other symp
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universities. Information received shows that between
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tlie female sex. Further direct examination must clear
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recent stomach of the calf and macerate it with occasional shaking
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ders farewell and relapsed into the same cataleptic state and remained
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of seeds was devised not long ago by Professor Bolley. The seeds
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volving the alveolar border and the hard palate opening like a cone into
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a mixed one partly glandular partly of connective tissue and that
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ful cause of failure Merillat declared that tracheotomy is not
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EXPLANATION OF PROCESS. In this process the bark is exhausted
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nen 30 bei 22 Fallen die Tage nach dem Tempcraturabfall sind in
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gradually gives way to general rules and these ultimately take the
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few from the more western states a collection of fishes moluscan shells
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not recognize their obvious duty at this time should be allowed
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cracy which are not caused by opium namely a peculiar sensatioB
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Rogers John et al. A study of the effects of the subcutaneous I
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that bovine tubercle bacilli may indiscriminately in
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told him that the disease was arrested. He became over sanguine
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Organic acids the official salts and preparations of tartaric salicylic f benzoic. citric
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toward the establishment of such a classification it is believed
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of the same class where the lungs became affected in the

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