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accumulation had been present for about a week prior to evacuation.
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The sul maxil ary glands are first involved and are popularly s oken
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tendency to muscular immobility and this was I believe
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with about 1 500 000 red cells. Many nucleated reds appeared
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Poland Mexico Argentina Chile and other countries and
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more reasonable rate than they were in England or on the Continent.
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animals and so learn that he was in error. The short and
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the cause of this frequency and perhaps involuntary urination
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tempted carefully using moderate tractions. Prolonged
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either by removing to a locality where actual open
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oil treatment of ringworm has prospered in Dr. Liveing s hands. There
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epilepticus etat de mat. In this case the issue is generally
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continues to be useful in the attempt to understand
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of individuals with low blood pressure has increased since 1918 when
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nary affairs of life. The student who learns his Latin
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frequency of its occurrence in from one to six hundred or In one
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Tumour of the lower lid which he regarded as a lymph
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form is of interest to the surgeon. But development in the internal
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quent complications of the above described acid gas
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in the callus will not alter matters greatly for those who have noticed
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different men having individual preference for one or the
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operation is to produce absorption and retraction of the fibrous
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The rare disease gt ityriasls rubra may be confounded with squamous
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the lung tissue into the bronchus CantHe. The pus is then like
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Testament Greek and cease to write New Testament grammars and
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commonest organisms to lie found are pneutnococci streptococci ami staphv lo
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Surgeons in Ireland and of the National University of
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any other significance even where the clinical manifestations had led us
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had been under observation for fifteen years. Central
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using in this little town a town which is practically
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fulness with which it reflects the notable contributions recently made to ophthalmic literature.
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first to the nature of the evidence submitted for their
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young children are particularly susceptible. If after an ex 08ure two
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The old pigeon hole view of human knowledge is now happily
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Symptoms. Pain is the mast marked one in the beginning of the
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women thus tamper with themselves especially in cases of first
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or fat to the diet it is frequently possible to abol
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propagated through the lung could impart to it not merely motion but such
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Habitation and occupation have much to do with the development
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coughing attracts attention. In like manner the third stage
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stood up and fell again if he sat down. His albuminuria
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bine afler expansion turning deep purple often white.
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The physical signs discovered on examination of the chest
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aged thirty six years. Case of severe typhoid intoxica
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as he finds it and adapt himself to the conditions as they
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contamination. Furthermore the presence of these two
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these two nerves the cochlear branch is concerned with the special sense of
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the practitioners in former times occurs in Styrap s. He
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there is no possibility of faeces passing on into the distal
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The patient underwent treatment addressed to a restoration of
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of such a work by an unusually large clinical experience.
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topic under discussion The gj mnastic treatment of chorea.
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conicum Polonio 1859 1860 see Par. 1894 140 in Natrix torquata Padova.
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few of these outside requests can be fulfilled. En
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a positive Wassermann reaction the patient was given mercurial inunctions. In a
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Membrane A thin animal tissue. Thin covering of the brain bones and
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ent cases and 50 consecutive colonies from one plate
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appeal to the Royal Commission on Oxford and Cambridge
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abdomen. Disordered menstruation perhaps suppression. Loss of
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cases gave the Widal reaction with the serum of the
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giant cells is shown but these latter are surely more
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has for some years been subject to attacks of spasmodic
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frontal headache is rarely periodical it commences in the morning and
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A Contribution to Antimeningococcic Serum Therapy by Francesco Spirito
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will be the creation of a guaranty against the further depreciation of
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children Dr. Hall was struck by the size of the nasal
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face is affected by icebergs. The average chemical composition of
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but he thought the condition of the patient was such that no
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numerous soft stellate tomentose processes about 5 mm long.
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tribute the change to the therapeutic effect. The mode of clearing
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bacillus of tetanus and his further contributions to the same
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The similarity in the behavior of the parathyroidectomized dogs to that
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ment here laid down for hip disease are of equal signi
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during the first quarter of 1913 as compared with the first
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examining this test we must premise that still born infants are
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Cootie by the various methods of delousinf taxed the ingenuity of ill
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tions of Home. Seven pages of his treatise are devoted
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of foreign body and it may be jjrolonged for months.
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the eye originally hurt but to its fellow through sympathetic mischief.
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often shoots like lightning through an entire row of teeth or
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tures. The evening of March 5 when he lectured upon the Code
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there under his charge. In the campaigns against Austria
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ficial so as to be directly exposed to their influence

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