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Owinjf to the dlarrha a that sometimes accompanies the administration of

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deeper structures and lymphatic glands become invaded a fragment of

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Disseminated Myelitis. This should be regarded more as a

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Anon. A discussion on the value of sodium sulphate as an antidote

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in the woman is everywhere progressive from the first joined to the

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Business Enterprise is admirably illustrated in the in

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into the gall bladder though the animals have been examined

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les deux freres de 31. Fotujuet en d autres lieux. On voil ici

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were cut and the edges ground flat. The four cells were cemented

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it off making this receptacle for the gangrenous por

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ledioal as the court is composed of four physicians and one

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and thirsty than usual was passing much more urine than

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ment upon modern lines of recoverable cases of mental

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Taste appearance and odor are not safe criteria for

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tions well arranged covering the entire curriculum and running

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cicatrix was left which produced no deformity whatever. Medical

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passed and the Honorary Secretary requested to forward

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with operation Lund F. B. 26T recent progress in dermatology

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bronchial infection protein from the predominant organ

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nerve has been at times very severe. Betore attempting

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quiescence being frequently free from albumin but not so

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stitution of a greater proportion of alcohol is in

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At five o clock P. M. October 26th the child was placed

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Just as death seemed imminent it went down rather heavily struggled

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and about three quarters of an inch above a horizontal

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there is rarely trismus and the accompanying symptoms of both

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months no further advice was needed as he wrote I have

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present which contain albuminous granules. Paraffin preparations show over one half of

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Second I consider it absolutely necessary that one have a

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myelin sheath others were reduced to a series of granu

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needed that the operative manipulations of themselves cannot

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he or she has only to give notificatioa of it by slapping

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sibility because of the fact that our Secretary elected last year could not

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and frightened at the examination. In these it was fbund both the

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stream itself by means of a concave resisting medium placed across

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an exception and probably the only exception to the law of

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analogy indicates the likelihood of corresponding changes being effected

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carious. There are nausea vomit in and well marked dyspeptic symptom.

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abscess could be definitely made out before operation.

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into the service of thousands of civilian doctors who are sent out to

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above measures assuming a synocbal character with a full hard

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limbs severe paroxysms often occur during the night and deprive the patient

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by endless jactitations the fingers are twisted into all conceivable

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powers of the blood serum to the bactericidal properties

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having an adequate number of good laboratories class

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woody stalks grow to the height of a man and sometimes

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known regarding self abuse spermatorrhoea amp c. we cordially recom.

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sum of 100.000 for the benefit of Guy s Hospital was

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cute sanitary measures for public and private welfare in this

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for upwards of forty years but had never been before dispensed.

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with a third smaller one. The cord was inserted in a velament

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bear in mind that inanition is liable to occur whenever

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poisona curare ouabain veratrin boundou as well as the vir

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Collins Warren of Boston reported a case. The follow

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lateral motion first inward which is followed by an outward move

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when it is remembered how largely this condition enters as an

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Medical College as a urethral probe for a child and in

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the mattress the patient receiving the charge by induc

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ware es der in den parasyphilitischen Affektionen zum Ausdruck

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SYMPTOMS. The symptoms of ing patella or upon pushing the

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Chronic dilatation results from a Narrowing of the pylorus or of the

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funds of the Association were barely adequate to the simple necessities

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September 1880 to August 1881 Colorado Springs. Ended. In January 1882

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swelling disappeared more quickly and the bites were more

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betting on the event but bets were freely oifered at 50 to 25

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time the problem of ventilating is a problem of heating.

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working day and the value of the Saturday afternoon

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lation tissue is extremely delicate and will not bear handling. When

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of the so called Boston sitting posture from the forward inclined or

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diac cycle the lace where best heard the lines of con

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latina which were 267 under those registered in the December quarter

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a complete set of the radiographs prepared by him to show eruption of

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deepest keenest type. In his final solitude he regrets most that he

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milk or sugar taken in bed the best remedy. The patient should

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with simple svrup or extract of liquorice and divide into ten pills of

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increasingly competitive and dispassionate world. In

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of inflammation it has begun to undergo atrophy the mucous membrane

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She must have a High School education or pass an examination

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quired of us on a very much smaller consumption of food

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subjects with which it deals affections of the conjunctiva iris and

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