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the cerebral gray matter especially its pyramidal cells are

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Measles and announced for the first time in a special work his views

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the leg collapsed the point of the elbow descended to an excessive

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flow also. A careful history will bring out the facts

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Candied ginger caraway seeds and sugar may be taken occa

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ing protozoology has been by some grave error omitted

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rapid desquamation of the surface. Acute cold in the head in children

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to plug the nostrils. This moreover is of advantage in that the patient

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countrymen and those on the staff of his own hospital were in

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retina and the pupil are suspended or abolished being dependent as Dr.

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the lady was to all appearance a well woman. He saw

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advice and instruction as to the duties and dangers

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a Socrates Plato or Aristotle was just as clear sound and potent

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chlorids are yet to be deducted. To the determination

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The typical shadow is seen in Fig. i. Should the disease

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duce whereas the artistic enjoyment resulting from looking

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As far as the science of bacteriology has gone there is no

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have devoted our talents and our lives the science which kindles

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cleansing the ear with boric acid solution some of these

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year 3 530 died at ages in excess of three score and ten.

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angina pectoris but in the latter disease the pauses are more

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her once before the latter part of the previous De

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ate effects of the operation got along very well with

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which the angina ran its course without important symptoms several

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thrown over children suffering from scarlet fever while the parent

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of death in childbirth is still puerperal infection.

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This simple inversion of the vagina during pregnancy however dis

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than in typhoid fever while the proportion of white to red corpuscles in

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cases had been treated during the year. The report was adopted unani

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Furunculus or boil is a deep seated inflammatory disease character

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when he mechanically set the machinery of treatment in order and then

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existing in hospitals clinics welfare associations etc.

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Castellani and after reading his paper and studying his illustra

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The United States Public Health Service USPHS initiated the

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organs is the apparent fact that each possesses a definite period of

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hysteria dyspepsia low spirits and even phthisis or dropsy. Milk always

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ticularly the form known as hyperacidity and there naay be constipation

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and intelligence only some the nervous mechanisms of the

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the formation of a film which when scratched off carries with it

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in pyonephrosis. In women a pyonephrotic tumor has been confounded

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quite unusual and to many has the appearance of quack

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but if one pours water carefully on the area of haemorrhage or better

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remarked that where conception is at fault a good name goes a

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disturbance experienced during transit through the Hudson

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each great toe joint some degeneration in middle of each patella

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and basis for prognosis. There is hard y a clinical

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