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that he had been unable to find one. If such a satisfactory
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times. First menstruation had taken place at seven
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position is obvious when one notes the time tracing above where
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considerable intervals intervening between theiu. The
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diagnosis is made. He doubts the importance of the ab
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their equivalent is the essential distinction of organisms
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nostrils insist that they have nasal obstruction. These cases probably
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animal life are the presence of heat oxygen as repre
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intestines. Its use is probably somewhat similar to that of the peri
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the European residents in Alexandria and I was inform
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tion with infectious processes from time to time have made careful
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examioatiou. Aa absolutely certain diagnosis can sel
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being clamped and capped. About every four hours by
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feel the moving kidney either the rounded lower ex
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modifications of intensity. When diarrho a has been marked and per
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root of one of the most important if not the most im
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ment assurances the number cf which were increasing
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cases which has previously been termed Still s disease. Dr.
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ai yretic without ajiparcnt phlebitis often present
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forms is extremely common and often most distressing. Its causes are
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ject taught during the year according to the schedule printed elsewhere.
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and may attain a large size. A supposedly common seat of these tumors
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which must be observed is the necessity for an immediate examination of the
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and the skin is covered with a profuse perspiration. When a lethal
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ci uscril ed often sharply defined and are always dry. In eczema there
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pital May 3 1898. One brother had tuberculosis. The patient
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the cases into countless groups depending upon the location of the lesion
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or not a certain act is the offspring of mental disease can
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of the contents of the overloaded or tympanitic paunch or
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uber die pathogenetische Bedeutung der Konstitution bei der Chlo
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We believe that the business to come before the General
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abuts upon the hair shaft leaving the peripheral cells unaltered. The degenerat
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impacted when one fragment is wedged into the other com
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in the list of predisposing factors but I am not convinced
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and dropped without expense when it leaves. Secondly it
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pus cells and unorganized sediments uric acid crystals etc..
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worm gut and two strands of the same were left into the
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Frary Guy G. All of the 29 samples of glycerin examined were
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passed through each clot. The current through the steel wire
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answer. With regard to antipyrin certain experiments
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Acoustics merely left us wondering thirteen and a half pages
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els are used whenever it becomes necessary to protect
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tropicus or prickly heat. As we stated in the scheme this
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This is a form of reproduction from the female type of parasite as
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that the chest index is about ten per cent greater in
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considered it to be the bLyj ds one of the Colubers whose
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That Mayow himself had a knowledge of his own greatness to be
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are as easily torn out. Nevertheless these instruments hen Mxed in
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years of age. The tumor originated from the left ovary. It
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I have found necessary is that the patient take a laxative
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tor in the growth of a healthy family. It may be very poor
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that seen in encephalitis lethargica. In the bulbar paralyses of
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water closets. 6. Examine the nature and condition of the safes
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bones the fetlock formed by the cannon bone or large metacarpal
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sent the production of antitoxins and other anti bodies is best ex
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direct result of operation in none of these cases. Tuber
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Albuminuria. If su ar is persistently absent diabetes nullitus tan be
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Force to be an.Assistant Director of Medical Services to a Territoriu.
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Dermatophilus Pidex penetrans. The author is incHned to accept
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it could not have lost much during that time for the
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the a ices of the branchlets grayish glabrous coriaceous oblong ovate
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external inguinal ring to the testicle. The testicle was easily
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suffering from the various diseases of our own climate occupy
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eases of Women and Children and of having personally conducted thirty Labours.
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During the past few years the study of these questions has yielded
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the Hall that is not guilt plate shalbe by the Master
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throat was obtained without the aid of a spoon. The
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puberty. This constitutional ana mia which is so rare in men
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death under chloroform was signalized by a stoppage of
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Tbe addition of a whistling stridulous inspiration and cxjnratioD ai
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As was true in the preceding years both the admission and death
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parfaitement gueri. 11 est probable d apres cela que le 10 novembre
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considerable development of fat as about the female breast. The
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method of treatment. He emphasized the importance of
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in Norlhumbei land in 1881 the very year of whicli Sir
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reinfection in the pastures. If therefore a carbolic dip is selected it is
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uterus was easily removed and all raw areas were covered
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band tl ough this condition will be difficult to diagnose then probably
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day the parents consented to operation. After opening the
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Survey who married Robert Owen s daughter Jane Dale Owen. There
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this is successfully accomplished by a sympathetic knowledge of

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