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amputation is not admissible if the patient s strength

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to select the nurses from the native population and

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preserved his chief suffering consisting in the pain in the joints.

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bacteria including 672 separate injections malaise was noted in 1.8

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abled will contribute to this end. Charles Richard.

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terinemic crisis having occurred these patients have had symptoms

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and pons just beneath the surface oi the fourth ventricle tliere was no

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Symptoms. They depend upon the organ in which the embolus is

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inflammatory redness or having erroneously referred the vas

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class of alkaloids we confirm the suspicion by heating it on a

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growth is frequently better in case a benign breast tumor is trans

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as a natural art with agriculture and navigation but then

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defiance. A daughter goes to a ball or an opera rejects gum

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which is rather insufficient it certainly appears to be a Dermanyssus

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engaged in the teaching of Forensic Medicine particularly Prof.

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in the absence of any specific infective process one scarcely

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red blood globules and relative increase in the number of the white.

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collecting boxes have still to be returned. The total for

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There is no difficulty and little danger in introducing

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vitality derive considerable benefit from this treatment. Cases in which

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INCOMPATIBLES. Sulphuric acid and the soluble sulphates pot

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sensory cortical area has been studied in man by Bruns Anton Hoppe

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The rc orts of the Rurcau of Animal Industry indicate that

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Syphilis of the vertebral column however although rather a rare

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earlier than the tenth day whicli alloTrs three days for the migration

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hernia. If taxis fails open operation with division of tbc ring

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pose laudanum may be conjoined advantageously with lead

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of these cases the diagnosis of tuberculosis had been made on

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irritatioD or even cystitis. Menorrhagia when present is the result of

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aseptic precautions. The injections should always be made at

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health should in no case be less than 500 a year. In

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glistening and its consistence is firm. In the case of

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Rutland s college is a regularly chartered corpora

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pressing the cotton between two layers of gauze there is no

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L. Army Admission and noneffective rates for all causes and for disease

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been greatly exaggerated only one case among several

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of Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis treated with Tuberculin at the Adirondack Cottage

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between the finger and the thumb when an opportunity may be

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suffer from a decided tlegree of hypomotility and yet manage to

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arc on which the jerk depends is not immediately altered

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of the latter method. He generally leaves the specimens in

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into the efl ects of regular marching in disciplined

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This is one of the higher professional honors of the Congress and

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The absolute disregard of logical order displayed by the author is

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tration was followed rapidly by a great sarcomatous

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to pass in certain conditions of the kidney because the caliber

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in excessive quantities it produces great gastric disturbance however

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symptoms as pigmentation of high degree bilious vomiting

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i i attractively hound in leather and in connection

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follow the exhibition of the whole quantity at once. Besides digi

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