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bone thrown out from the underlying bone. Sometimes in addi on to

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as yet been demonstrated. It is true thai molecules of fat are sometimes

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Under the Dentists Act 1921 which received the Koyal

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siders this method as an absolute protection from hernia

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Everyone remembers E. E. Morgan 93 and will be pleased to hear that

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of tlie party concerned you want to get the doctor and colonel

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collectively under the term garbage. The wastes enter

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ployed with more or less advantage but they are not equal to the

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less than one tenth that of the Department of Texas and the lowest

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If a physician from another state although a graduate

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serums and vaccines. There are however two maladies cerebro

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village. In each of the large columns a smaller black column at the

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capacity to afford accommodations for the patients seeking admission.

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Dr. William J. Morton New York spoke on electrothera

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the vasomotor dis turbance increases. The blood pressure curve ought

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tion in the time allotted me. tions but without a word on

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haps of congenital anomalies point to syringomyelia. Spinal hemorrhage

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advanced into the pelvic cavity and it has become extremely diffi

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which use up the nerve force irregular unwholesome or insuflicient

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ber and October. During the following ten years epidemics of a lesser degree

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anesthetics is of the depressing variety and although no special

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undeflected. A union of muscle to fascia will restore

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and do the work so perfectly and especially during the

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with from 200 to 400 beds and three representatives each

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substance corresponding to the ensiform cartilage which however was very

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slight extent on the back of two fingers and with wasting of and

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will consist of clinical instruction in diagnosis and treat

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Professor of Practice in the Medical Department of the University of

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cases inflammation is limited to the external surface of the bodies of

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laws and their enforcement. From 1887 to 1896 there

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that which accompanied the plates and with the addition of the

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post mortem it was found by incising the chest that

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On the Poetua in Utero as inoculating the maternal Avith the

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ployees of Government departments including postmen.

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donna or in damage to the central nervous system especially

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it will be examined under the following distinct heads

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absolutely no disturbance in the lung whatever. He seemed

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the fonudaliou of a constitutional disease or anomaly it

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rection of least resistance through an insufficient

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left and pulsation of lesser curvature in contact with aneurysm.

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the army and been destroyed or lost sight of. VVe have no record

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the probable agency of bacteria is of interest as it is well

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found all the specimens examined contained red blood cells and

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undermining and degradation of a noble profession The

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lation or. if the supervision of the liver is still effi

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this plan of treatment was with great difficulty carried out

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cle of diet which exerts slowly debilitating effects

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The analogy between epilepsy and those forms of insanity

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cows were exactly the opposite of the above it may be conceded that

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The hterature records that from 1887 to 1914 at least 16

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a time more profuse than normal. Leucorrhoea frequently precedes and

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not explain the negative results. The opinion that the serum

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effected. The wound surfaces should be lightly dusted

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particularly important and significant viz. the rapid onset of fever and

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ipecac should be given every second or third day to

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pared surely to come from within the pelvis and probably

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Headache all night. Sore on thumb looking healthier.

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indicated by their most salient qualities. The names of the gods are

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attention to recreation and the amount of exercise.

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of colic or witbout prodroma there come tearing and

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and rare budding hypomycetoid type with aerial hyphae and submerged

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marked improvement in and rendered bacteriologically

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evident remission with mild chills reminding one of

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stool pulse 96 natural. Eepeat mixture and take Castor oil

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ecrit n a pas reussi. Los jesuites le vouloiont obligor d ecrire

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Unfortunately cases do not all recover and death may be referrable

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wrote baleve and ache instead of card ke etc. Strange to say while

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varied from 2 to 3 mm. in thickness. This exposed a soft

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places. Nuttall has shown that house flies which were

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reason is that in each compartment an equal temperature is retained. It

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discuss such questions as that the design should be for one

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both in the in patient aud outpatient theatres. A scries

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sources of disease than they appear to be is certainly a matter

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or closing certain facilities. Unprofitable facilities should be closed or

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Cushing and Weed a peculiar proliferation of the arachnoid

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hysteria. Ho gives a good account of spurious pregnancy

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Tkird. The avoidance of reconstructive measures except in rare in

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mately be utilitarian. On the other hand few if any chemical man

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The presence of post uterine cellulitis is recognized by the pain caused

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