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very rarely takes place at this stage. Resolution is accomplished by a fatty

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ramolll noos sommes sans doote en presence d an tobercole.

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mammitis have certainly been observed to coincidi with these disturb

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pulse and temperature be entirely free from pain and tenderness

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be inferred and it is demonstrable that in the general cir

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but also the duodenum gall bladder or the appendix. He believes

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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. Cinnabar is not used as an internal

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with the same absolute belief that controlled their politi

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individual members of the group have responded in different degree

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hypertrophy fails the heart becomes dilated gallop rhythm is present and

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munications may be addressed to the honorary secretary

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I am convinced that no matter how excellent the course of a mining

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is played by the mineralizers les agents mine ralisateurs those sub

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advisable to adopt the term Curietherapy for radium

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gives a study of detailed cases of syphilis among married and

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thrombosis although they may come from the right heart. Sudden

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rubbed produces a faint crackling sound. If musty it should be rejected.

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favorable to their transmission to troops were found to be prevalent

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subcutaneous injection of carbolic acid into the tissues around the

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followed by the expectoration of mucus occasionally of a bluish black

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other sanitary measures had been practically the same for both

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he had never met Avith a case of measles in which the incubative

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The same phenomenon may also now and then be seen in the

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as important that of internal secretion and like the thyroid secretes an

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of the association and a support from our local profession highly

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Externally. Benzoin and its preparations are antiseptic

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Unilocular Ovarian Cyst. Dr. Atthill exhibited a unilocular

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as the routine method for removing papillomas in children. Numerous

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kidney. The skin is very resistant to primary infection and

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In appearance the water is bright and sparkling and perfectly

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When the crusts ordinarily large and thick yellow or brownish after

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dressed like a prima donna sings an aria. This indeed is almost

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difficult as the five cases quoted show. Jledicinal

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fulfilled the expectation we then entertained of him is beyond

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margins of the neural tube come together just where the

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are also apt to occur at the climacteric age in women

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grant from the Education Department. The question indeed of the

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Murphy it is true feels that liver extract is very efficacious and

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The President said that his important function was to

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wall and a transverse incision is made through it just above

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who plausibly appealed to the representatives of the counties with large

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This hastens the cure ameliorates the symptoms and reduces the

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how the anatomy of the nervous system may be altered during

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and deformity of limb and spine too often seen by the surgeon. Thouoh

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the spinal lesions are developing characteristic cerebral phenomena

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case of extensive pleural or pericardial effusion it may be advisable to

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dimness of vision in the left eye two days since the eye became

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there were no superadded sounds on auscultation. The heart

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arise which has not yet been tested by experiment and which will

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the authority s medical requirements be met Tlie duty

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variety links up with simple food substances the other breaks down

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the culinary needs of milk and is not sufficiently considered from the standpoint

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The clay contains a small amount of gold which the prospectors had

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