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This dog was quite anemic and weak and evidenced pain by

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puration is inflammation characterized by liquefying necrosis and

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valve segment. Stern has analyzed 35 cases collected by

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early chronic diffuse nephritis. Complaint headache. Physical

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given tuberculous milk or was suffering from any such

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pretious vertues medicinable contained in it it is wholy

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pool 18.1 London 13.7 Uanohestei 18 1 Newcastle on Tyn

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very numerous in the Itarracks and specimens of A. pulcherrimus A

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then and there present three of the examyners w th the

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would place with the oidia. Culturally these organ

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that the possibility of either a mutation towards or

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normal skin or in irritated normal skin. The bodies

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actual number of discharges shown was 93 76 of which were for cases

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by the self evident fact which this truth is able to demon

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with sides to hold the pregnant ewes which is lowered carefully into

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has the disadvantge that it is rather hard on the operator still it

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who has been having his ups and downs for years will clear up

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met with the approval of the division surgeon and regimental com

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All owing to this croaker with his maddening microscope.

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isolated by Hirschfeld 1919 during an epidemic of clinical paratyphoid

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the fish s liver and applying it to the wound. Hero

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and skilled medical supervision is more likely to do well than one who

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area followed by a light dressing. drops of cocaine should be instilled

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bullet was found one inch behind and below this point.

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and that of an American medical authority on the sub

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ly strict to test their qualification as practitioners.

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Christiansen favored the use of litmus which changes at ap

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also of the second dorsal and pass upward througli the annulus

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der befonders in feinem komifd en Roman Gil Bias mebrfad Gelegen

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on the surface there are woikmen behind the screen surely but slowly

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pital worse. The power of swallowing was less and some of the food

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the constitution are in proportion to the depression

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ited method of presenting actual hypotheses partly new partly old

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crater like aspect with shelving sides and terminates by a small apex

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injected a greyish inodorous discharge mixed with fragments of food

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haemoglobin absorption band to the disappearance of the second band

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were given once a week and since they should be preceded

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amined three cases in whicli he found pallor in the convulsive stage this

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increased resistance with which it meets on account of the partially

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both feet were affected. This however did not prevent him from following

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of this country consent to pay a considerable share of the

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decay. The home to which he removed is still in possession

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