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thirty fourth year of publication which fact alone speaks

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faces and treat the remaining surfaces with Finsen s

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again. This was before I knew that an animal can breathe too

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rhal asthma and dilatation of the bronchi it has been

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Bardet 2. who finds that they have a similar range of action when

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have been improved by undertaking it at an earlier stage and by

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tively according as the elaeoptene or the stearoptene is

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abdominal pain was intense sometimes being located in the

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account of an illness from which she was recovering

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practitioners called out on active service and to attend

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holding his urine four hours by night and two hours by

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eliminated all the cases of primaiy valvular and similar

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exceedingly careful system of prophylaxis this dreaded disease was con

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she is where there are lots of doctors. To patient Do you know

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cause inflammation. We are thus confined to vapors for this purpose

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tact we get reilex activity by.sliort circuiting the

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childran up to nine months nothing but the breast if it

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who adopts Potoni6 s position prefers to draw the comparison with

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cessful. Mere enlargementof the gland without other

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in two cases. When the nervous symptoms are very pronounced we

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ships. To the same end ill informed mothers souse their

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bed. stuff them and give them time to day dream about sexual pleasures.

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our second case. If then we abandon the attempt to avoid

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by an association of college alumnae subscriptions from vari

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rubber bandages and rubber stockings are absolutely to

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recognize is readily found when present and indicates with absolute certainty

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made for review aa dictated by their merits or in the interest

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do much to keep down a continuously high temperature. If this is

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did not act as a protozoicide in pernicious anaemia but it

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there were 161.3 deaths from such causes among the whites and 327.4

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typhoid had been made. These tests were made with the dry

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tact a space is left which may easily be mistaken for a

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It has been stated by many writers that endocarditis occurs in ague.

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a sparer diet as follows breakfast bread and butter two ounces milk

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than the workers in the rubber factories and the town dwellers.

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the patient to continue without restriction. It is a matter

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prayers and the vociferoueness of his songs to the Host High.

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Age. The second and third decades represent the most frequent time of

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sult and that can be done by using one of the developers

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due to disease of the motor or pyramidal fibres which pass down

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Another bill regulating the granting of charters to educa

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the kidney so as to form an inflammatory capsule thicker than the normal

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inspiration to close his mouth and nostrils and whilst they

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however think that there would he any real dithculty on this

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excised and the two bowel ends left in the abdominal wall.

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powerlessness. The subject s personality undergoes a change he no

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index showed urobilin in the urine. The most interesting

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great operators and other leaders in medicine is con

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dent is likely to happen yet a knowledge of its pos

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Report of Chairman of Organization Mrs. J. Buren Sidbury

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outlook. I think the objection on the part of doctors to

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the aid of local committees medical treatment is now

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inal folly of others and assure him of the honor in

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ent manner and by a mechanical process. The tape worm specific if

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ment at the Letterman General Hospital for the Western Depart

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fifth day. The second part of the operation is per

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receptacle which is placed solitarily upon a short peduncle in the axils

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spreading from such foci are not great. There are like

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iii.t gt the nose and cocainizing a few drops of peroxid are

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tetanus. In some cases the spasm consists from the beginning to

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who may be of assistance but it shall be the responsibility of the

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ment that since the inspection of ships belonging to the port has been

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to tuberculosis. Amputation was found to have a lower mortality

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time and it is stated not to have been increased by pressure in

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specific in the sense that it must be founded on a predisposition.

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example of this is geometry I mean the science of the actual space

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osseo cartilaginous junctions in the child are rela

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scarlatinal process might be complicated by a true diph

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the urethra even for ordinary trouble as in irritable

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Until the final statement bearing the above properly signed certificates is received

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nesium carbonate 3 drachms dill water 4 fluid ounces.

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To recapitulate briefly in 1924 and 1925 30.3 per cent were suscep

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