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lumbar pain hematuria and albuminuria which continued a short
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by the lamp underneath and permitting it to escape by
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cently been introduced which provides S4 500 salary
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includins cuneut medical works lliey will he rorwarcletl
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Supplies to the value of 77 929.76 were issued to the Philippines
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group of cases that the widest variations of opinion
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plete and some nuclei of fatty tissue must have re
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only if by the symptoms the inflammation can be accurately localised in
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mity he inserted a needle 52 millimetres long 1 millimetre wide and
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carriers would throw light on the epidemiology of plague.
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for operation and access to the adherent and abnor
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superior. This authority gives a particular description of the larva
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During the influenza epidemic the mortality was due almost entirely to
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new pin and run it through the two edges of the skin bringing
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The fenude produces an extraordinary numher of embryos which enter
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He had the hope that in tlie years immediately ahead by
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his professional subjects entering on condition destroys the value
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interest and habit of mind of physicians and also for
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urine was normal. She was operated upon a median incision
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of Doctor Blanchard s experience would have known bet
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The dose which he took of the former was not extreme not
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logy. The comparative newness of the study and the lack of uni
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membranes tubercular leprosy or by changes in the nerves anaesthetic
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shortness of breath cyanosis and fever developed. A pericardial
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a few days uniform elevations and hyperemic efflores
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and is perfectly fluid. The treatment should consist in cooling the
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seated abscess communicating by a track with the hernia
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that the Republican candidates should resign in favor of a patriotic
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chemistry as well. The life of the cells is influenced
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the members of the race who survive as the fittest if
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confessed under torture the matter was of course settled if he
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in various parts paralysis hysteria nervous dyspepsia ansemia chlorosis
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bands in solutions of different concentration is shown in the
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used in Framingham a continuation of the Demonstration
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and lost 15 pounds in the last year. There has been no
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has there been such widespread and drastic legislation
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now familiar subject of cancer and its cure. He is in favor of
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The most useful agents are chloride of lime quick lime carbolic acid
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measures to be applied to it. As the results of his experience
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is the pulvis glyeyrrhixa compositto of which a few teaspoonfuls way
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which before the removal had been very rapid sank to 90.
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of Lord Cave s Committee must have felt that its members
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Unfortunately there are some difficult questions that must be faced in
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a support and a sympathy which should put out of sight
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the management of schools or the general advancement of
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Strawberries both wild and cultivated occur in every
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tion. Warm milk when given pure and idone one hour before
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volutions respiratory centre and intestines. In part it is
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no examinations were possible no diploma in prospect. The
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three veined obtuse smooth entire contracted at the base into a short
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A healthy primiparous woman. wL 24 who had always menstruated rmi
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designer for the work would be to miss a hundred and ouo
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United States Naval Medical Bulletin The editors Fleet Sur
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was burning in his room he was totally blind. A physician
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takh gt Vn o i T according to the directions given above
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in general condition. Generally speaking cases have shown diminu
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niacke or Mercury caft vpon then either by the abstra
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ly. These tend first of all to cause abrasions of the
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culated growth reaching down to mitral valve and sending pro
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observations of the technic the clinical history and the mechanism of
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intestinal derangement is removed. If the tongue is heavily furred
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pitched blowing found in this stage. In the second stage portions of the
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takes place more gradually and accordingly the phenomena of
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Je prie Dieu qu il en jouisse longieinps. J ai fait clever mes
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ally the physiology of the involuntary nervous system.
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where such were present he did not hesitate to pre
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ilium to the internal malleolus 27 inches length of tibia on each

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