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of the ovary. Thus the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in working

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readily between two and seven years. He has even observed

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at its height in the third decade decreases between the ages of

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was injected the eye glassy amaurotic and scarcely sensitive to

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posed of excurrent and recurrent nerves or as we would say.

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bowel to slough and come away in its own time and devote

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taneous rhythm of the ventricle. Nicolai on the contrary

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weight of soft paraffin it forms Kaposi s Diachylon Ointment

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ing taken in the conveyance of clothing from the ward

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Galatti directs attention to a peculiarity of status

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into family life back to the surroundings which keep ordinary people going

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ary nodules there may be much more extensive than was

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The home of one being the testicle and that of the other being

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periments demonstrate that chilling of the body surface

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until 1879 was high since it reached the average of

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changes in the viscera due to the disturbance of the venous circulation

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poor repair and the only advantages provided were ample space a site free

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more advanced acquaintances or in collegiate language the sophomores.

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already discussed who had simple hyperopic astigma

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urticaria psoriasis and acne are the skin diseases which most frequently

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to be surrounded by a bundle of small lymph glands.

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the same surgical principles which are applied to con

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of injury to the umbilical vessels during labor in one of which

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meraiy nipples seem to be more frequently developed in

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To maintain the belladonna or the nitroglycerin action

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the sick is founded how the Christian Scientist defines

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are not to be recommended in cases of tuberculosis. They

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after the ingestion of food more rarely it occurs several

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had actually beeu obtained in 456 cases and parents

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fibres these being farthest removed from the trophic centres fail in their

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to be held open with the fingers. For a time the diffi

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ears and deafness bismuth brownish or dark colored stools

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leaping in violent exertions of draught or galop in sudden slip

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mox rov Btov KOi itarpht ical rov XpiaTov dein cV fvxopurriq POTT.

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tered mostly in the earlier years of life and is then frequently

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editorial annotation in the Lancet for August i6th

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the density of the paste must allow of proper manipulation. Therefore

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sinuses. In the neighbourhood of the superior longitudinal sinus they

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jections should be given with rigid aseptic precautions. It is better

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esthesia. The anesthetic action proves that penetration

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the end of her sixth month when he entered the room he heard

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an excellent recovery and now at the expiration of eight

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nature. Still further and more to be deplored there

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to lo cm. Then the material is applied and pressed snugly

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fore is given free has as its necessary corollary the next announcement

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Colles who has given the most accurate description of the sheath

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and district societies the provincial medical organization should

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There is much to hone for the future from such promising indications.

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odenum into the abdominal cavity. It is especially to

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Strong negative evidence is afforded by the failure to discover the

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A further source of error in the lead acetate method may be

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not an exclusively pediatric society until 1888. There was

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variety by perforation into the lung of new growths or abscesses in

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of the vagina explore the pelvic wall. With the other

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in order that a longer gas and a shorter ether anaes

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the mildest stimulation to absolute destruction of cell life.

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Dr. Francis was graduated from the Waynesville High School in 1908

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slightest traces of saliva to reach the fluid in the pipette.

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of the phenomena of cardio aortic pain leaves little doubt

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while before that practice was adopted it was not un

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such an extensive literature of its own that its inclusion

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six died. These fatal results rendered the practice unpopular and at one

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nienta progresivamente y esta comenzando a andar. Con el

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cultures lung puncture or tissue culture at autopsy. Clinically

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be s.ten that after a lobe of a prostate is grasped

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frequency of the attacks. In fact rheumatism dominates the lesion to

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two such errors of diagnosis made by two distinguished gynecologists. In

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As an outcome a Health Board has been appointed and

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vial placed in a standing position allowed to clot the serum

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vessels may produce convulsions is shown by their occasional occurrence

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colour passing into a dirty brownish red on the addition of chloride

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