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consideration of every community are the confidence that

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Friedlander and Talamon however were working with two distinct

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adherent to a bone healing may come to a standstill.

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animal so much as to render the expense and trouble of treatment

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enough to form a firm covering for the cord. It is generally

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rectum or vagina demonstrates the greatest tenderness or

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or the wagon true economy compels the husbandman as to his cattle

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regard to care cleanliness light and air in their dwellings.

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the system generally. The nervous system is affeetetl in

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in the adult do not permanently affect the value of life. But

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blood and humours of fever patients bring the sick man to a

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which heal in about two weeks. There is usually little or no

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be congenital and inherited for they are a result of the phylo

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with certainty recourse must be had to medicated baths into which

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statement necessitated by space and secondly because it is not possible

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tittcndanta even but in few instances reap benefit then this little

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supported by no definite evidence. And Jores admits in dis

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Messrs. Kejmolds and Brauston Limited ofLeeds seems

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drome in man depends on a very fine circulatory balance

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the present attitude of scientific medicine in regard to

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hitlierto been free from them and will weleome any suggestion the

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cumstances. The parents and friends will usually object but

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particfllarly characteristic of southeastern Europe

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with its manifestations even in lifeless matter prevents mate

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error that the work must be done with extreme care.

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below the average. The mean was considerably below the average on

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may have preceded. The lesions generally occur in numbers in close

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collection of decomposing bloody fluid in the pelvis

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fingerbreadths of the xyphoid. MotiHty sensation and reflexes

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The knowledge of all these elements will not only give us a general

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kidneys aid in relieving the congestion. When the congestion is due to

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stores or other rooms where the floor space is fully occupied. The heating

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purposes similar to those for which man uses the hand as in

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serious. Many elderly men take cathartics in constantly in

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In considering the advantages of gas heating Mr. Vivian B.

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