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reason for believing that the spread of the disease was checked by

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rected proof of my paper entitled If Certain Conclusions

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and too little physics and because men were trying to deal with

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parations a gun was fired he woke with the report and found

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of pain was due to the removal of the mass pressing upon the

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pid and the valves of the pulmonary artery produce quite as pal

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when the period was over. This was misleading as a euro

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occurs when other parts of the motor cortex are injured or com

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conditions. A study of 161 cases of malarial disease

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den respiratory or cardiac failure. Granting the hypoth

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modemic bloeding oontinuo particularly when It promlsea itlisf fioa

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ject which is at present attracting much attention viz. Castra

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in sound tissues and that elastic fibers are the seat of predilection.

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be mistaken for a sedentary cockroach but for the fact

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was given his hospital clothes duck pajamas and take to the dressing

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of their lives but the lapse of time since the first

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The Immediate and Remote Results of Operations for thk

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maintained at 1 800 volts for five seconds. That conscious

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tions for its existence are still present though even a simultane

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symptoms wei e shivering vomiting pain in the back swelling of

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HasdngSy PhyaiGian and Surgeon to the United States Marine Hospital

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ing changes and promotions in the faculty were made Dr.

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certain amount of volume. It is inadvisable to reduce the tension inside of

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To be applied to mucous patches and ulcerating syhilides.

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At the opening of this session I addressed to our colleagues in the

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Assistant R. Jayaram Bezwada Kistna District Madras collected

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hemorrhage. Whilst preparations were being made to defribrinate

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cause abundant sweating and a marked fall in temperature.

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master and the several organization commanders. They made detailed

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more settled state of engineering labour and by obtaining

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Evolution also tends towards a high standard in the physical

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The perspiration in the rosy type of diabetes causes

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leg between the wall of the uterus and the detached placenta forced air

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must be guided iu bis choice by live cousideratious first

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black or peppermint tea will usually overcome nausea and vomiting par

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getically. Friction must be continued under blankets or over dry

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to bedsores upon the parts exposed to pressure which

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patients thoroughly equyDped for i 2 gt. lt. At the most accessible

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Ujse being made by the tracheal and bronchial surfaces of medicated

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