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rigid opisthotonos with attempts at vomiting and abundant

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the appearance of children suffering from meningitis. She

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the people particularly among the poorer classes yet there are certain

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moment to be crushed by a ponderous instrument of death

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opalescence and translueency which has been said to be char

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against the signing of contractors warrants whose busi

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and paraphenylendiamin out of the long list of substances that have been

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gait and attitude. He walks with a swaying unsteady step and ag he

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kidney and should liavo it operated upon. On examination

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not occur the urine mu t be examined.specially for sug

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on repeated examination. These variations may be due to

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pitals themselves are comparatively small. Some account

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the wounds. Spontaneous or natural wounds or tears are rec

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transportation officer that a.schedule has been arranged.

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Write wire or phone us order Central 4623. State fracture

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correspond to the radial pulse rate. In the long interval between

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sure diagnosis prepared by the differential characters of the lesions it

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vent the national character from being enervated by too

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Radium has not so far solved the problem of dealing

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cess such as the double monsters. Hippocrates in his work on the Nature

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As now prepared is composed of equal proportions of the nutritious properties of

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cial process results from digesting the coal tar in a tincture made by

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By the name of Grcijarina avium intestinalis Eivolta has given a

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reliable indices of an infected hemothorax. The possibility of its

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i the presence of either may be suspected if the medicinal pre

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No special organic lesions were found but from the area of

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one of the iodides potassium or sodium according to the

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five miles above Akrikok distant mountains run from

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ures in the diagnosis of congenital syphilis. However Grulee and

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is an important case many so called cases of infection may be

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me of his desire to make use of the advantages which service

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conditions integration far out distances disintegration growth

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Tritoxide of Iron cured her. Beference to experiments by

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parasite theory which is now so much to the front. He points

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oughly real or exaggerated is so violent that they froth at.the

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more readily to the diphtheritic virus and the weakening

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The atmospheric constitution of this place which was formerly

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which appears to be a most natural consequence of the numerical

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and could rise with difficulty after sitting down and movements were

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simply to thus bring this subject again to the attention of those

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year. The Commission purchased two blocks now occupied by the Blind

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it is preferable to make the excavation comprise one of the orifices of

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partly one of nomenclature partly also of technique from the

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That uric acid is a non toxic substance has already

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served honor to the one who made it known and is the adoption

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tongue was constantly parclied. He slept however remarkably well during

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Tlie patient was a woman aged 40 whom I had treated

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forms of arthritis. The means are simple and consist in always

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colds by equalizing the circulation that is by causing the

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mater. It consisted of a soft yellowish substance very readily broken up

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was required and with excision of the infected area recovery


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have developed slowly from the middle period of life

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were taken of the skull and of the cranial sinuses

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tion there is almost immediately a rise in the blood pressure.

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very depressing and it is not wise to take it except under

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beds and extensive out patient departments special clinica

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and in reference to them its lovers may still exclaim with Charles

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the effect that mosquitoes are brought into towns in trains carts

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the characterization of the liver as the fundamental

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ing irregular and rapid. Some diarrhoea. Fourth day

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maintained which provide 1 immediate access to and release of medical

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fever. This opinion was held by the Commission formed for the pur

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infection her heart became involved it was impossible to tell. In

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l leural abscess in every case of empyema that came to

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nished sensibility and increased tendon reflex con

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some instances in persons between forty and fifty years of age.

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Clinical Pathology Renal tests normal. Urine always showed a slight

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fore clotting occurred thus securing organs free from water soluble protein.

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and feverish patients and in those with kidney disease.

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