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which depends upon the fact that the skull is practically

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the maxima of the temperature carves the heat may attain to 105

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Although a classification of climates can only be artificial and merely

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they usually lie adjacent to each other and may communicate with the

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in the treatment of acute pancreatic Injuries. As to diagnosis

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itself and the temperature never came ba lt dc but he

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eruptions in the skin On what do such eruptions generally depend

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will exist together and thrive without devouring each other a not

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condition requisite for the production of a murmur.

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its incidence on the population is slight and it is not increasing. The

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ing of the chest and shoulders. The poet puts this correctly when he

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hollow of the tooth having been previously dried with wadding should be

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and may be secondarily subdivided into several compart

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siderable in amount. This component substance under

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Simpson Graham S. Sheffield Royal Hospital Sheffield.

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improved. Leeds had beau a school of the most brilliant

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fall. It follows that the 60 per cent of expenditure

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on Accessory Food Factors appointed jointly by the Listef

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that the nnisolea or tbeir finer nervous fibnllo putidpate in the nutritiva

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dysentery and typhoid fever. The causes of the present state among

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many cases of serious local irritation in the nose where the

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not take place so quickly where negroes mix with European

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forty four days the most surprising thing being the large

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them to unduly magnify favorable symptoms. Personal feelings for the

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will yield you larger dividends in your practice than

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situated nearest to the external os. From the pus in

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on amebffi in the mucous stools of amebic dysentery and

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preferred burning off the whole mass to cutting and

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