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ance. No pathologic changes besides these were found in
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Twenty four cases were not observed to complete termi
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enlargement of the spleen due to hypertrophy of that organ in
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the advisability of giving an anesthetic in cases of
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readily between two and seven years. He has even observed
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F. M. Draper on Pancreatic Hemorrhage had produced and suc
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loading and unloading of the litter cases while the facil
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Cocillana. This drug continues to grow in favor as a reme
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that In determining the pain threshold it was especially neces
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tioQ SB abject wWch is attuiMd witfc Mt nuptdit and eerttintT hj
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The difference in the action of nucleo proteid when administered
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dysphagia without regurgitation absolute or relative inappet
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patient pigment has disappeared beyond the median line on the left
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ber contains nearly three hundred pages with no advertisements The
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nith spirit and bipp the cavitj was liUed with an attached
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list stands opium and some of its alkaloids as morphia and eodeina.
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Myeloid leukaemia may resemble it very closely in general clinical
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determining the properties of nutrose. But both casein and peanut flour are
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produce any effect in a person debilitated by some illness may cause
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condition as the furious stage was entirely abseut. They were all
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thin catheter was introduced and left there for drainage after several
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Berlin and 32 cases in the isolation hospital in that
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quired to wear a blouse when waiting on patients. Smoking should
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from osteotomy yet we seem to be justified in stating that we can
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the question recently said that some of the women s
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apart from this sign physical diagnosis fails to reveal anything dis
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of this husk so called rice polishings in Tagalog tiqui tiqui if
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matter and at night especially walk over and discharge their faeces
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port from the seat of ingestion to the distant parts it
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flat pustules with a deep red base. Crusting usually follows immediately.
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flammations and various difficulties secondary to stricture prostatic hyper
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diagnosis with emphasis on the word early is of utmost im
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contradicts himself in the following sentences which have been verified
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troubles influenza diarrhoea dysentery lower part being left behind. The fixed
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The rate of mortality amqng persons aged upwards of sixty years
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to me and I was surprised to find this condition of
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reas sured by a ph ician that their physical well being Is normal.
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seem to cause any unusual degree of sickness when the weather is not
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later when there may appear convidsions or rigidity of muscles. These
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course was uninterrupted. She had an occasional slight pain
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globinsemia sets in only in the first few minutes after the animal
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slow liberation is an increased bile pigment content in the bile. A
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its first impetus to her and the little group of seventeen heads
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results are had from considerable doses of quinia and sl small quan

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