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during the period of 18 months from September 1917 to March 1919. In

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about the mouth give a strong suggestion of vigour and spirit

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group of cases that the widest variations of opinion

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has been directly contradicted it is certainly satisfactory to learn that

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nificant points must be noted in the diagnosis of this

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positive evidence to that effect in autopsies where we see hearts

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the upper part of the former ureter 13 small cysts were

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which point to further physiological research and have direct clinical

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Red Clot or Crassamentum coagulates spontaneously and is found

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structure and functions of the sexual organs many don t the

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eases which cause the reflex irritation in the brain is to

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Take an ordinary case of what we fear will be an in

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should suspect tubercle more especially if the patient be a male under

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found. A diagnosis between catarrhal and ulcerative processes may be made

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fluctuation in the joint due to a temporary inflam

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No chapters in sociology will be so attractive as those which treat

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septic and infective conditious the synovial membranes

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when new rose spots appeared the patient to sit up out of bed

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rior six or more are exclusively motor in composition. The

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coronary arteries show no sclerosis. The aorta is smooth and elastic through

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the dog and cat it is somewhat slower. This shows how well

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The lumen of the prolapse was very small and contracted and

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ings. Delirium. The danger may be increased by the supervention of

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consider this condition one primarily involving the bile capillaries

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his hand from his knee than if a hundredweight were

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Nevertheless the instrument already described is more easy to introduce

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schools is that there is a lack of uniformity or con

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sodium hydrate in various experimental procedures. The cost should be less

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B. Stained Specimens. The amount of information derived from

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nity and that is God himself who though lie be styled the

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injure the animal. In case the injected animal is tuberculous a de

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year during the last quarter of a century so suocessfuUy competed with all


field aufl that in practically every case lie lias been fore

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It is easily apparent that men working on housing have had a balance

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Assi amp tint Surgeon of the Plague Prevention Enquiry and to his

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can be treated along modern psychiatric lines. This

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be fully discussed in the undergraduate course and it offers other subjects

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investigated as far as possible and I noted the absence of

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mere presence of acetone bodies that determines acidosis acidosis depends upon

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excite our admiration without the absolute perfection of these

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hours or longer little if any attention beino paid to

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terpretation of Beda Dicebam in nidulo meo mortar et

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