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disease and consider that a variety of the colon bacillus of

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about 450 parts of cold water and in 2.4 parts of alcohol

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The stapes was imbedded in a mass of granulations and

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grains of sodium salicylate every morning on rising the water

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adequate stimuli and the term odorimetry is used to indicate the making

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that there was no way in which a fraud could have been effective.

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will the vein become posterior to the artery and in the poplit

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careful to state that the common diet with temperance is

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formed appears to have been peculiar amongst the other

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country districts and thus making life more attrac

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bony anchylosis but by the osteophytes which form around the articular

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morbid processes. Inflammation is a term of universal authority degeneration

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be demonstrated. Its cultural and biological properties present many

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ligatures from the femoral vessels had separated the discharge ffready subsided.

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tentials are equal. According to the ideas of Ampere s time this was

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and asymmetrical defects of the spine especially short

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Smith on Diseases of Children has become familiar to the

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callus or new bone formation seems to have been limited very

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report was made public with a total of 14 deaths during

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made by inspection In this day of mechanical aids the stethoscope

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anderes Skelett und bedrobt ein zweites mit demfelben Scbickfal. Leffing

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arteries damaged valves adherent pericardium. But apart from these

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eruption presents an a gt earance whi h closely rescmibles that of scarlet

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perfunctorily. Both were attacked by small pox but the French army

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Graves s disease not unfrequently accompany pulmonary tuberculosis both

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medicine and midvritery namely July and October 1913

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control there is no anaesthesia indeed there are no signs of cord disease.

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followed three hours later by the withdrawal of 2 oz. of

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our attention was directed towards a new preparation called Mer

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and alcoholism especially if Opium fail. Neither for this

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retina almost characteristic. We shall not err if we attribute

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from right to lelTauriclo. All these passtiges of the heart

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cept in so far as concerns the relief of pain since it

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the ancients of Greece Italy and England and a poem or

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The poultices were continued until sloughs were removed

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vult A Mazius a verbo nn nurUiamt jttdiccmt q. d. Nxintiwm

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an unnatural dryness of the small residue which passes into the colon and

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For the opportunity of examining and reporting the following case I

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gait and attitude. He walks with a swaying unsteady step and ag he

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special preachers were invited during the second semester For a period

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case Dr. Bullock said that he had seen many cases of ophthalmia

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the infant does not recei e colostrum it acquires euglobulin in its blood

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Dr. MacMillan of the Child Study Department of the Board of Education

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a glistening white appearance it is very brittle and will readily break.

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protoxide of copper. The solution of sulphate of copper is of a fine

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avec le diabete est I asystolic du coeur. Le temps me manque ici

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cians who will donate a part of their time to the work

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all these advantages and the hearty co operation of the Organ

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In really severe forms of diabetes alkaline therapy is de

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the parasites being destroyed without any injury to the skin.

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the Faculty of Medicine of Paris medical autographs by

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crammed with what their digeftive powers arc unable

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In the organization of the City Sanitary Service Surgeon Gui

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tive organs and this hyperinvolution may be like the swinging

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medical attention through privation entailed by unemployment

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munications from Dr. Lubbock of Norwich Dr. Yeats of Bedford

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with or without characteristic swelling. Besides this pyriform swelling

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The first class of cases he believes to be compara

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The prognosis is decidedly unfavorable. While it is

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On arriving there I found that it is divided into two

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effective heart stimulants and that nearly everything in the

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as that of the original current and opposite to that in which the

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ticable a vexation for doctors and patients. Only the

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Cannulae inserted into each ovarian and each uterine artery

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your eye directed to things a little higher than your ow n

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Bachelor of Laws and for an intelligent practice of the Law.

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air these circumstances of the living state of the animal

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and passed along the trunks of the auditory and facial

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