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when the free silver issue came on for discussion the most effective

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from about the middle of May to the middle of November. During

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generally an easy matter to determine the effect of the serum by noting

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the heart for this ventricle has not one cavity but many these

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and contracted by old fibroid change and at the extreme apex is an

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gamationof the Royal Medicaland Chirurgical Pathological and Clinical

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thickening of the intestinal walls dilatation of the tube

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interrupted and continuous currents and the state of con

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Obsolete tuberculous bronchial lymph nodes. Healed chronic epididymitis. Fibrosis

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accompanies muscular exercise. Bainbridge showed that

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ever that the preparation of iron employed will depend largely

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The softening plant is unique on this side of the Atlantic and well

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Outside of food and its preparation there arc a number of other

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was not attended by any general derangement of the consti

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in epidemic form and only to be distinguished from mild typhoid fever by

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hands of others have appeared to be absolutely without

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a young actively growing sore. Figs. 11 14 and 15 illustrate

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after effects and are in a very satisfactory state of health at

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in insanity with excitement. As the dose often has to

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figuring complaint which considerably interferes with his

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of principal medical officer to the Board. During the war

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may be dependent on Glossina the epidemicity is due to mosquitos.

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April 8th hip has continued sensitive but no night

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Mess department. This hospital has four messes namely in pa

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slower. The medical staff of the Home Office consisted

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have no vascular system and in nonvascular tissues of animals

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