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mental distarbanoea by their action upon the brain

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ernment with a sound circulating medium. This bill provided that

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him tried the system rigidly for more than eight years. He was a

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sent to a distant laboratory for examination formaldehyde may be added but

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cases of cancer on an early diagnosis. The article is

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cocain is obtained and it reduces swelling and sensi

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by pharmacologic authorities when a committee appointed by the Minister of Health

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proves fatal indirectly the patient rendered helpless by his cardiac

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preserved and recorded in this way so that students and engineers

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term Raynaud s disease should be discarded and in its place

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Unfortunately there are some difficult questions that must be faced in

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order these conditions and their influence on the men

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Etiology. This is similar to that of aortic stenosis. Bheumatio en

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dyspepsia palpitation syncope congestion of liver urticaria piles

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with cotton or gauze. Express the pus from all pustules

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and honest inhabitants it cannot at present count a single one

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form of treatment. Williams has found contracted pelvis in every thir

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structure so far as we know and their exhibition of

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tion. In those which survive recovery of function modifies the clinical

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the anterior superior spine. This level is chosen because

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was an old hypothesis that the lesion irritated the pain

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tween the bodies just described and crescents for example

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Tlie British health resorts as a whole provided a tonic

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domestic animals which may also infest man for example actinomy

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operation but it was primarily to hold the bladder higher upon

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attitude of cool observation and not conclude that in

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solely from symptoms pertaining to the gastro intestinal canal persistent

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I do not of course mean that our Faculties of Christian Theology

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taken as conclusive evidence. While it is liable to error ou

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firmly the hemorrhage ceased and I had no further trouble.

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cortical haemorrhage. If the laceration is of trivial

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the Critical Care Medicine Unit has been formalized.

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and the work that has been accomplished during the last three years.

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word tyrant from a mere king to an arbitrary despot. But there is

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ness becomes more general although excessive tenderness

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More detailed information with regard to the University

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forty eight to seventy two hours and completed tbe evaporation iu

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Art. 19. With the permission of the competent military

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under similar methods of delivery as unselected and non toxemic

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tration. The remark of tlie Marquess of Salisbury that a

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other patients it becomes a matter of great interest to ascertain its real

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certainly made an excellent impression. Not too young and yet

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they ai e fast and very gamey. They have acquired their greatest

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ten years she had suffered from no disease except the present

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Cold water from the pitchers is poured upon the head and the back

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while others contend that it has. Not every reader will agree

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wool intervened between the soles and the ground. Patients in this state

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ulcerated surfaces of the bronchi and lungs and to correct

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right knee. It was red dry and scaly. Other patches of

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trouble passing urine. One week before entrance he felt generally

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sometimes happens however that these formations have only a very

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feet or the palms of the hands and pressed firmly upon

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from an adrenal tumor was not identified. And that it

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In a pure case of paroxysmal tachycardia the heart. hows no evi

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right heart may comjjensate for a time bnt when this fails the venous

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importance. Many clinicians have expressed the opinion that neoplasms

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lymph glands of the liver kidney heart or lung parasitic

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that hyoscyamus would prove quite as eff ectual as a preventative of

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to successful spinal surgery but shows also that the professional medical devo

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ances. It seems to me therefore that another interpretation of

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desirable or for the eucalyptol some corresponding remedy may be substi

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always take into account the type of the prevailing disease. Even when

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Not unfrequently it is covered with dry scaly epidermis. At length

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the patient was in the hospital he cut his throat with a razor.

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Cazeaux s Complete Text Book of Midwifery. Cloth 6 00

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auditory canal. Middle ear or tym afterwards suppurative and in the

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turnips potatoes apples fresh grass ensilage may be adduced as

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in the seventh line before the word instracting the

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yellowish or brownish oily substance soluble in cold alcohol or ether

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and professionally compatible and regardless of race

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cerebro spinal meningitis in which the nerve is ft equently involved caus

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