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after as was deemed advisable. The reactions obtained are tab
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This statement above extracted from an article by the Rev. J.
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light lube fills a loom with a bright though inxisi
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do not satisfactorily explain man s march across time and space.
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the Western North Carolina Medical College to be located at Ashe
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S. Jackson late of Northumberland for that of Dr. Bell de
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end of the large compartment for the convenience of the observer.
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agree on a classification. According to the point of
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from all parts included within the galvanic circuit.
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gained by a channel two hundred feet wide at the northeast end. The
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loosening of the teeth and softening of the bone. Under these circum
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recognized abroad is obviously our own fault for the reason
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Mitchell Silas Weir. Fat and blood and how to make them. Philadelphia
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that the l af uelin cautery was the best surest and
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of balsam of Tolu each two fluidounces camphorated tincture of opium
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the exact fraction the more would it sacrifice in beauty. The ground
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with blotches or elevations. On pressing them with the fingers
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were noted. Mild types of the disease are not however
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The discussion of the relation of the blood channels of cav
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The inflammation may terminate in resolationy Tcsicationy abficcsB or
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protoplasmic processes between which is a fluid or gelat
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hot belchings foulness of the tongue and breath a bitter and hot
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columnar cell carciuoma of the large iutestiue and rectum
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The secretion is white and has the consistence of a thick
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urine are bananas carrots melons strawberries tomatoes and rhu
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gained unrestricted access to the valuable records of the
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aids the process it is said but calcium chlorid is the
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getting the patients to adjust their mental processes to
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and hemolysis when the latter takes place quickly it
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breathe through it and are listless and lack concentration.
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rosis is present iron albumin prepared extemporaneously
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year discovers some new parasite of the fifty or sixty now known only
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Flagella typical of Eberth s bacillus were demonstrated by
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dorsifixed 2 celled dehiscing longitudinally nearly orbicular 0.8 mm
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authors make no distinction between these two conditions and it is undoubt
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during repose and been probably accompanied by rheumatism
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M. Hdfler Die volksmedizinische Organother ie und ihr Verhiltniss
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I am in receipt of your letter of the 14th inst.. but I
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The method of procedure is to deliver the uterus with tumors
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efficacious against rifle fire and also against anj but very
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Test Meal I. Nothing direct but on lavage with 1 litre of
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its utilisation submitted to them for tlieir approval. The
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The physician s first duty is to his patient and him
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bs if they were substantive diseases. In the only well marked
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ment and has considerable range. Lead tremor is considered under lead
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quent lessening of diplopia can be enhanced by having the patient look
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within the Division of County Health Work for a Consultant in Public
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any disease. The examination of the other organs was also
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positive guinea pig test was explicable by contamination or by an
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among us. In your future work we see much of hope and
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pathetic testimonials as the foregoing Mr. Dowie s neigh
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parasite the Simondsia paradoxa. The genus Simondsia Cobbold
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increase their proportions very cautiously. I omitted to observe that always
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the horse rabbit guinea pig and fowl and some species seem
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winter where it will have a double attraction for the Northern
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the British ledical Association proposed a vote of thanks to
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ing have been greatly aided by the following further gifts to the
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muscles etc. in some cases there were extensor move
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as if desirous of biting although the habit possessed by its near relative
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thought mercury here inapplicable and we therefore left it off. I now touched
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the wounds. Spontaneous or natural wounds or tears are rec
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The typhoid death rate has been reduced from 8.2 in 1871 75 to
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crease in the population and a check would become inevitable.
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states that approximately the normal jjercentage is
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ference of a median lobe and place it nearer to its
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The patient kind Instructor that we have always found him.
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be carefully distinguished from the serous effusions above noticed
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by a physician and a large amount of pus evacuated. Since
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If there are dangers of suppuration in a fresh wound dress it
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and that evening found it hard to eat. There was however no weakness
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The following appointments have been made J. P. Bucklev
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Pulse tracings and curves of respiration at the different hours of
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Baruch professor of hydrotherapy at Columbia Univer
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does the life and death of plants consist Plants have diseases
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werk und die aktiv kontraktile glatte Muskulatur bofFe icb
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pidity that is when by the painful fenfation a more inordinate ac

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