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sketches Figs. 2 5 expands but slowly. Measurements made

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unsettled state of the question this is undoubtedly

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II. Et si mulieris arctitudo talis sit ut neque partus praematurus

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sary. A competent properly instructed man of the Hospital Corps or more

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and found tbat the man had a fatty heart contracted

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whi li the dislocation interferes with the functions of the kid

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pers contradicts deadens all the rest so that they can never live a

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and so on till the pan is properly filled allowing room to raise.

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vantages within their reach for the practical study

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tendeocy as fevers of specific type Bright S disease sypailis and gonorrhceai

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The Doctor thinks probably the eucalvptus acts as a germa

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Cerons travailler devanl nous. Jo n irai point quo je no l

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to draw his breath and announced that he was dying.

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that will carry him to a great age without disease and will stand

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tion is certainly valvular if puncture with relief of dyspnosa and evi

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decoctions is omitted as unnecessary an explanation of the general rules

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Williams to present his paper on The Handling of Wound In

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aneurisms have been to prohibit the patient from taking

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too I would ask how can we expect to expel the mercury by

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thin and thus they can be observed with advantage under

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crate the subject can do so for himself. If the Grecian

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avert mistakes always have an order book in the ward. Follow

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ings of its advocates as a very simple anesthetic in

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fourth and fifth months the decidual cavity is obliterated the pla

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not require any special methods of examination. Simple inspection and

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He seemed considerably benefited when he came home bu1

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ing and discoloration of the disc occurring as an anomaly were never of

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ilose of quinine in the treatment of malarial fever

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purulent and may contain small portions of gangrenous

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another place. Alsoe he sought to disable the Masters

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to have been niftst frequently utilized on a commercial scale. In the

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convulsions was placed there to distract the attention of

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remarkable a secondary phenomenon of aphasia also exists in

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anatomic atlas were entrusted to his prosect r Francesco Aniommarchi

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Pellagra. This is an Italian disease which is said to prevail

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three and a half fluid ounces of normal horse serum. During the five

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incorrect. They consider that the primary factor in the tissues is the

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dimensions of the larynx. The infraglottic space is liable to be encroached

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but is not continued into the arch of the aorta. The existence

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jarring and shaking of the brain due to blows or falls. The symptoms

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collateral circulation when the major operation is done.

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inconvenient day to go to hospital. And so it goes ou and

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and those not so infected. The question is Putting aside sentiment

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incipient phthisis at an early stage before bacilli in

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by Lessee to Pay and Discharge Impositions charged or imposed

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It is proposed t.. divide the congress into four sec

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stage of development as liquefying necrosis caseation or calcifi

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if this is suitable for the digestion in the individual case increase the

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As a rule there is very little pain in the spine in

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ing to the law of medicine but to no others. I will follow

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tubes one a funnel reaching nearly the bottom of the flask and the

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of the teeth other spasmodic contractions in single muscles or

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figure as obtained before the ligature was tied. If

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administration of oxygen to a badly gassed case produced a temporary in

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intervention was indicated if the head was well down in

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lina who supervised the field work of the hook worm campaign was a

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that where it acts as a medium for diffusing solid irritative parti

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conditions and the treatment of disease. His daily routine

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taken in hand by what is known as collective psychology and some

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