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ance The poor child however after suffering acutely died the sub

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erating influence upon the rapidity of this motion. His experi

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fees for the granting of Diplomas or Licenses to practise Physic and

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he separated with a coarse sieve and mixed with the ground seeds

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steamship stopping two days at St. Johns Newfoundland. Here

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Cases of hyperti ophy calves thighs glutaei and sacro lumbales muscles Duchenne

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weakness in the legs and about the neck and occiput.

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intravenous injection. It is very doubtful however

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certain that the cause of the compression is extra

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epithelioma in that it is essentially a local disease

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a lamp which is reflected by the mirror upon a graduated

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Finance Committee offered no objection to the Science

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determination of the thousand and one questions intermediate between

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Pulmonary tuberculosis with diffuse pneumonic consolidation

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often shoots like lightning through an entire row of teeth or

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and holds them they cannot escape until he has wreaked his

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This communication deals with osteophytes near the articular surfaces

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with Raynaud s disease which is rightly regarded as a vaso motor disorder.

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produces the round and the tape worms the large intestine the

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As Grace plays cricket all the summer and is largely

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nesia 10 per cent. lime water spirits of ammonia 2 per

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ries and high arterial tension without kidney disease.

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these nodules are all primary or in part metastatic. From the

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men were concerned. The first two veterinary hospitals comprising some

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attractive appearance as the well appointed brougham or cabriolet

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largest vessels enter the scalp and of springing back this

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