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data concerning the prognosis of exophthalmic goitre. This data

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fibers to other tissues has not been proved. The vasomotor nerves must

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It would appear to be a rational plan to irrigate the

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and perhaps with more detail than is necessary for a work

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which tO day is unparalleled in its results. It is passing strange that

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then noted that there was no gross disturbance of memory either

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adhesiveness here several lines in thickness uniform in structure snd

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of the abdominal walls it is easy to understand that

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tilled water 100 c.c. Solution B Methylene blue zinc

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actual medical practice. Activities consist of dedi

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This effect of fats is by some observers considered to occur ex

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ment of the gall bladder. Where the inflammatory process has been

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and weighed 11 lb. 2 oz. There was a slight degiee of

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on its breast bone most of the time. Sometimes there is diarrhoea

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came infected one week later the case being more fortunate as

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Loss of memory is common especially on the West Coast of

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relaxation the symptoms of which are deformity of u pelvis and

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upon by the direct effect of syphilitic deposits upon the nerve

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is often hastened by diphtheria an ordinary complication of this affec

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from time to time by raking harrowing or ploughing.

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most cases to recognize by the symptoms in a lesion of he sensory

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serious lai arotomy should he performed at once. Of 04 cases in which

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management of the disease. Dr. Sterling s discussion of

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nounced pelvic curve and has a light traction rod detachable smoothly fitted

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groove in the cord and were motor respiratory nerves surely the

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this type and after two years nearly all primary pneumo

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Cannon s theory excessive secretory activity of the adrenals.

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putarit id in Peloponneso commissum. Sed in Sicilia quoque Jovis

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diphtheria bacilli. A study of the bacilli isolated by

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patient I was in perfect health but now you are kill

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certainty would take me a lifetime and I slion il be unable

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bined form there is amyloid degeneration simultaneously both in the

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tural changes of form these malpositions of the bones without

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ter. This fluid kills all the ticks and the process can be carried

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high colored acid urine was obtained which on being boiled coagulated into

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complaints were a somewhat disagreeable dragging and a

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is very strong. On thi estate of Rangamata where new.

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the nature of this factor we have at present no certain

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Many appointments to other hospitals of Baltimore are made

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