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dogs cats more rarely suffer. Among the wild carnivora the wolf is

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eration of the heart swelling of the isolated glands

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were instituted by the chief surgeons of these divisions somewhat later

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n. Wood ashes 1 pk salt 4 lbs. black antimony copperas and

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doses of Digitalis with a sense of faintness depression

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dying after two or three weeks of illness. Abscesses formed slowly except in

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tient improved gradually and during the last few days

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but one form of this dissociation. For instance the exciting of

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mous letters was a heavy blow to the Academical Department

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It has been said that the present surgical activity

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principles and ideas not from the point of view of the materials

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fourth ventricle frequently produced polyuria but that in rabbits at

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rank to represent in public the higher and more sacred feelings and beliefs.

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skin thus permanently lowering pressure. It should not be given

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no alteration in the dextrose content are additional data of value

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and feaver asks that this powder might be sent with direc

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The diagnosis was ovarian cystoma probably malignant.

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spirit of camaraderie which would otherwise not exist

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quired of us on a very much smaller consumption of food

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being drawn. The few Greek skulls which have been found do

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patient need not be confined to the house while under treatment

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Importhumcs after the fmall pox proper treatment of 227.

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increased the tolerance for carbohydrates taken af

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being a biographical sketch of his distinguished kinsman General

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molars are additional causes. Putrid meat must also be recog

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behalf of the employer of labour call equally for active

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of which a quadrangular building arose joined to the circle by

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an ointment composed of blu or mercurial ointment and camphor. The

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possible that the excitation in the groups of ganglion cells

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Board of Health can give and does give to the individual physician in

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muscles and in the kidneys and no other condition has been

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where they may be needed but also for other P gt cd Cross

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method of inhalation. Resinous Tapors from pine forests were

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warm water containing boracic acid or pulverieed alum three or fotirfl

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the thoracic aorta aneurysm of the abdominal aorta is a

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also be admitted but that there is in every sickness a

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complained of severe or acute pain. The abdomen preserved its form was

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tients will not suffer long enough to allow sufficient mould

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word tyrant from a mere king to an arbitrary despot. But there is

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be has made at Mr. Gibbon. He has also indirectly givea

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which was pleasant and agreeable morally and intellectually it was a

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Photosynthesis is a topic which has received a full share of

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uncertain 6. In the case of reduction of hernia mentioned

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tumour of the breast removed from a woman aged 37. The patient

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it should be so because the sulphur has an antiseptic

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which illustrated the value of salicylate of sodium. The

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was placed under the influence of chloroform and the parts were puri

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but his grand dam was by Messenger. American Eclipse the

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As two weeks had elapsed between the termination of the first

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local management of the mouth of the ano genital re

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