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the night. Think of the nervous systems of a million

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lignant disease. The solution of the problem is easy

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sembles the Father of Medicine in his mode of portraying c

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so called doctrine of Radomachor that wonderful offlspring

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ment of the diaphragm on the affected side as seen with the fluorescent

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once particeps criminis in such a diagnostic blunder. At the time

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coating and sometimes a single application is suffi

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special pains were taken to make the most of the valuable

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sound is heard with the respirations. The animal is usually stiff

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petition of the aforesaid beloved honest freemen the

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emulsion of iodoform in sterilized oil. A quantity vary

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constricted and dentated at its posterior extremity. It measures 130 jx

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windows were opened and two hours later the prisoners who had had

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tongue tonsils and soft palate are red and tumid with here and

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normal amount and where there is no struma. He observed a

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phoid rather than typhus might be made if the curve of agglu

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detaihng the method that was foind to give the most

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resulted. In some cases there was a marked bacillaemia

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be applied and kept on all night. The croton oil must usually be

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by Dr. Foulis of removing the larynx entire and for these reasons

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This is a form of reproduction from the female type of parasite as

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spleen there is a high degree of leukemia the extreme

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Contagious Diseases Acts of 1S66 79 their administration operation

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ly vital this connection subsisting by ramifications

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sium strychnine electricity without any appreciable benefit. I saw

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This is usually the deviation of the head met with in hvdrocenhalus

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more than the average workhouse hospital weekly cost of

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bill then under consideration because it provided for the education of both

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Cities and Burghes within this Eealme or elleswhere

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sible for me to understand. I do not think it is cor

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himself all over but broke no bones. His neck swelled very

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viz. laryngeal stenosis to such a degree as to be a source

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reinfection in the pastures. If therefore a carbolic dip is selected it is

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tions of Home. Seven pages of his treatise are devoted

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with the number exposed is by no means considerable. That such persons

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by biliary calculi tratinia. exposure to cold and what by

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Witchcraft J. Weyer Ristoiree difiputcs et discours 2 v. Paris 1885

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As such system of instruction was illogical I have not hesi

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withdrawal of the blood upon its composition and nitrogen distribution.

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report upon them. They are however mostly not mounted preparations

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or to pull about tho mother ofa u gt animal himself

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concerned. Galvanism is the most powerful local depressant

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house called the Cancer House. It was demolished fur the

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small with elasticity of the tissues involved. If the

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water to it till it is of the strength of ordinary vinegar.

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suade him to take this powder but did not find him inclina

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prevent breeding. To cleanse the clothing ironing the seams and

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The new calendar of the Royal Society of Medicine for

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In 1871 he was appointed clinical assistant in the Medical

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sity. One of his female parishioners finding herself in

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that of previous speakers and his preference is for the

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has also had frequency in passing water which however

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I stomach through the smaller curvature and it is here

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A memorandum published December 31 1917 by the Surgeon General

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both by boiling and by the addition of nitric acid.

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be destroyed then the right pupil will dilate also.

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have seen. History and examinations show well marked local disease

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