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interlaced and locked together till the body of the insect has

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and had previously passed through a severe attack of syphilis

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that there were no walls but that the canals were merely

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The drug is used to lessen irritability and produce sleep. Its

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Three months before a swelling had appeared in the upper part of

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into the organ. Excluding the comparatively few cases in which the

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particularly important and significant viz. the rapid onset of fever and

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in viscous substances such as gum water glycerin etc. and

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Who always from a coccus take the higgest kind of bites.

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asphyxia 38 cases 77 per cent.. The chief causes of

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impoverished in the former but are lessened in comparative number owing

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District of Columbia. It requires dealers in these articles to

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far the greater part lay fertilized eggs and laj them in

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face is affected by icebergs. The average chemical composition of

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COCCYODYNIA. From KOKKV the cuckoo because the coccyx

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then catch the fowl examine the throat and nostrils removing

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frequent in the Cochin China breeds and its varieties than in the

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or general bronchitis amp c. supervene or the char

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interlaced and locked together till the body of the insect has

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like black spots on the water but as they approach the

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ily absorbed. He has used it in a variety of conditions ac

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of the prostate which added to the chronic state of hypertrophy

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winter temperature more sunshine and lower relative humidity

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has been suggested for example a district not densely populated

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cess pools or filtering wells reaching into the lower stream of the

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of Medicine of Nantes. The introduction therefore was of the best

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This condition is apparently one of considerable rarity.

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consulting internist in this city who told him noth

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ject which is at present attracting much attention viz. Castra

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but however admitting that it really was not he cannot

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the middle ear. There is no trace of disease of the inner

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sis which must be the real determining factor in the

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Spengel 1892 146 147. Taniguchi 1904 100 121 1905 July 29 508 509

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read before theCincinnati Academy of Medicine entitled

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tion of the Founding of the University of Maryland. Wil

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bepinuiug with the method by which abaofption ja uiost

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interest the steady progress of pure science partly on account of

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man to that obtainable in the spinal animal together with

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much decomposition with foul oifensivo stools the albuminous articles

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the owner a working man thought pure bred and of great value was

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gravy stir into the cream sufficient flour to thicken it mix with the

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the commendable object of the Association. Fully appre

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lications are Sanitary Relations of Hospitals Higher Medical Educa

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plore the relationship of the abscess. The median in

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On October 16 the patient went home after several gelatin

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interrupted buried cat gut sutures simply transfixing the sphincter

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in making a distinction that was of practical importance. Every now and

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answer to my prime question How can we foster and develop a

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McCJuigan. Hugh A study of the influence of atropine and pilo

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been demonstrated in saggital sections of the stomach wall of the

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the adjoining room and remarking that the door which had

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It is the fibrous variety of polypoid growth which generally

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there has been slight haemoptysis. I have this far made

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except occasionally as a temporary measure to secure better

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discomfort languor etc. or only headache or gastric disturb

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