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Spinal cord. Membranes thickened medulla strikingly soft boundary between

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cessive dislocation of each cataractous crystalline

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with much resistance especially if it extends across the middle line

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for discussion mentioned in the paper the subjects

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of Veterinary Faculties and Examining Boards of North Amer

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perature to the normal. In other conditions of depression the

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gradually become dilated at its lower end into a sac by the

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a I This was due to the regeneration of the notochord and

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As the virulence of the race employed is of importance as regards

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diagnosis the differentiation from various disorders like tuber

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pharyngeal ulceration occurred in the Roumanian army in the summer of

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legacies etc. The war fimds shown in Section I con

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nutrition and restores physiological balance and physio

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by researches directed to the elucidation of the connections between

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convince us that there are yet great discoveries to be made along that

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vessels lined with low epithelium which are taken to be bile cap

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Tinct. Pulsatilla in five drop doses is good for inflammatory con

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given in full doses. In some instances of failing compensation iron is the

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there often arises extreme danger from obstruction with mucous

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ralgia which had recurred promptly after several peripheral

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b this series a bo aged ten months in whom retraction of

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out of living unless they have a body to be proud of

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exploration. One woman after being tapped a number of times was shown

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subcerebral canal and thence to the floor of the utriculus on

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on the therapeutic value of ox.vgen inhalations claiming that

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of the recurrent nerves. It gives rise to symptoms similar to those already

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the great need of research along biological lines in epidemic respira

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infection tending to spread unevenly skipping apparently

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a beginning focal necrosis. It is easily conceivable that following

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clearly established the facts that none but the true

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Vomiting set in and purgatives were taken but had no effect.

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stantly striving for gratification imaginary or real and it

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operation but the rule is proved by many an exception and

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rected their attention to this important subject. An examination

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an eight hour shift changing every two weeks impairs

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arteries damaged valves adherent pericardium. But apart from these

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guide in the treatment of an obscure and important class of affections.

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or second dose ceases entirely the force and frequency of the heart s

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anti-fungal shampoo containing chlorhexidine miconazole or ketoconazole

The work opens with the section on the infectious diseases of

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Second cases suspected of being contagious must be reported at

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tain much that is of very great general importance. Cor

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trating war wounds of the thora.x and outlined from a study

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Waukegan 111. There I saw a horse almost perfectly hairless tx

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as all investigation goes to prove that in regard to

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support has given me a foundation upon which to grow.

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own open mind and keen senses he accomplished and with these

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Subscription Terms 5.00 per year in advance postage mid

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The amount of external heat that a human being can endure is

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euer And your said besechers shall pray God for you

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sick time for each soldier exceeded one month. Can we

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two takes place that a similarity f. i. in the facial features in

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it is often malignant leading to the loss of from 10 to 20

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labia uteri. Menstrual irregularities often menorrhagia. Evidence

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occurs in obese women the urine should always be examined. The

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measures salicylates massage. In chronic cases acute exacerba

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English friend if there was such a thing as a Homceopathic

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The Adjutant General s letter of March 6 the following conditions

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no bile. The stools consist of light and dark portions sharply

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The senior writer has modified this to chronic malaria salicylic salts espe

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of testing or the contractions are increased in those

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an assistant will operate the current in the same manner

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appendages were in a normal condition. Anterior to the trachea and near

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Delhi and the Campbell Medical School Calcutta further

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factors above mentioned and depends on which of them have the

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