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might be fitting that I should take aa my subject somo

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stores or other rooms where the floor space is fully occupied. The heating

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hood and youth the majority of cases of constipation will be corrected.

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Trauma tism is sometimes a determining factor Schneider 17out of 74 cases.

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A simple appliance on this principle devised by the

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Corps was satisfactorily answered on this expedition. The same

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amined three cases in whicli he found pallor in the convulsive stage this

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and benefactor of our country. Surely no darker blot stains our

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the several subjects required in the PreliminarjExamination of the College.

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lasting in its effects and has been used in many pyrexial

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something more than a money making vocation that our ideals are

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may be very vascular or even exhibit minute haemorrhages scattered

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beverage we may note that if milk be boiled immedi

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Turner Daniel On the Diseases of the Skin 8vo Lond. 1736.

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in the neck or enlargement of the thyroid gland. It prevails in

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Any obscure or atypical case of supposed malaria or typhoid

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surgeon generous to the poor and however despised and rejected

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the malady. It certainly displaces the humoral pathology of gout

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at the pit of the stomach soreness amp tc After ten days perseverance

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Andersen therefore excludes tuberculosis in these cases. The disease

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cicatrix a few days later. The result is the development of rapidly fatal

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dations laid in a constipated condition of the bowels that is

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or sulphate of zinc. Tartarated antimony. Compound tincture of

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or so strongly predisposed to the disease that they

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and had had one severeattack of rhenmatisra in this joint six

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from the dog flea and the Leishmania causing canine kala azar in

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public health and welfare agencies so that the highest efficiency and

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subject. Does it not declare the fact that the profession is environed

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its pelvic curves are twisted injury must be inflicted

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the European residents in Alexandria and I was inform

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