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was removed en masse. Open ether was the anaesthetic

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rabbits the superficial femoral and jugular veins were used. The pure sub

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consideration of every community are the confidence that

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The sixteenth annual session of the North Carolina Public Health

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the term steatoma to any variety of fibrolipoma and the

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cerning fire departments in cities of the first class passed by the

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while the katabolic processes are predominant in the

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The physical signs in the chest were less easily made out and

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volumes of the year s progress in Medicine and Surgery.

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drous helpein the cure of the head. For the tecond appli

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occurring in stomach or duodenum often gives rise to tumor

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that malaria greatly diminished the average length of

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ammonia liquor potassae and dilute sulphuric acid throw down a

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The new edition of McFarland s Text book upon the Pathogenic

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abating tne inflammation of Egyptian ophthalmia it would

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tical as to this atfection being connected with any

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the generations before ours scarcely knew what to make of Middle

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Andrews Huston Acting Professor Howard L. Smith and Associate

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There were 75 ulcers in the stomach. They are described as irregular

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a peculiar marbled appearance. The colour was like that of salmon muscle.

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priority that was claimed by our military confrere was referring

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That Mayow himself had a knowledge of his own greatness to be

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If a current flows through a loop of wire the lines of

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glistening and its consistence is firm. In the case of

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spinal centres being no longer controlled by the cerebral

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ponents liquid at ordinar temperatures there exists a determinant of growth

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firmly implanted in a depression before the spine of

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Cole H. X. A discussion of the value of sodium cacodylate in

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soapy feel of cholesterin. It measures one and three quarters inches

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Properties and Uses. A powerful astringent. Used in the second

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lady who had borne a child without the slightest warning. He found the

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dilfcrentiate acute tuberculo pneumonic hthisis is often difficult. The

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from which t IS only separated at last by a thin membrane hfsfs

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and appropriate treatment is at once instituted the great majority of

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Pond water is a common source of casual infection also dung

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people craving starch. My small daughter eats laundry starch whenever

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military hospitals in addition to doctors and nurses.

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distinctness and metallic quality of breath sounds and rAles often

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in a boy of twelve with complete epispadias and Verneuil and GuerHn

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