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encouraging amounting to over 50 per cent. As shown by the tabu
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ether. The use of anfestlietica in contraindicated in anemia
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fACKSON Membranous Pericolitis and. llied Conditions of the
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carbolated solution. If its bleeding vessels be few each one may be
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are carried to the place in the ureter where the stone has
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Wound of forehead with escape of brain substance 347
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major accidents but which do not last more than twenty
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congress will be an extraordinary session in Orchestra
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Gamble M.. A List of Blood sucking Arthropods from the Lower
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any other significance even where the clinical manifestations had led us
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substances which are generally regarded to day as liable to
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he ventures to predict that just as surgeons have prevented
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is more particularly observed on the Horse and Ox but it has also
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bullet up to 350 yards were alike and severe. Beyond
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elicited is often modified by emphysema or by induration of the adjacent
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All owing to this croaker with his maddening microscope.
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Over two thirds of the admissions occurred in men under 25 years
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and 160 per annum respectively. 2 Assistant Medical Officer
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I recommend him to take from time to time a 10 cc. injection
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genesis in the several classes of vertebrates arise from cells of
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years the last in a run where no new birds had been introduced
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menstrual cycle the loss was termed meuorrhagia. U on
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tions acting both in a direct and transmitted manner. Both
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Multiple Sclerosis of the Nervous System. This disease is transmitted
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the twigs of the dendrites receive the stimuli from
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Hvp KCU vdwp Koi yaila Koi rjtpos tjffrioy t ov. SYLB.
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The simple elixir contained in the following formulae is a pre
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operation. A fortnight after the opcratiou urine became
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able to the influence of bacteria and the large number of acute
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diabetes but the urine seemed characteristic between 4 lt hid

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