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irritate a single muscle of the eye by the common apparatus with the
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however there were very definite changes which we will
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too quick the upward and the downward motion being re
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caution as it is liable further to j magnesium sulphate and add 1
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transversalis colli or posterior scapular artery is secured. The
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held in Montreal on the 16th 17th and 18th days of September 1902.
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never performed tracheotomy since his first intubation. W. Cheat
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mucous margins were seen to be healing while the submaxillary glands
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Corpuscle reached me and awakened old memories as I read over names of
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tympany on percussion which is a very frequent finding i.e. a
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actually as discreditable to have a hole in the stocking as in
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issued a reply postcard to medical practitioners in Bombay
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in the adult and putrefaction according to Devergie goes on
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Paralysis of the obturator nerve. This nerve may be injured by
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Acute Diseases. A vitiated condition of the blood as w ell as the
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characteristic contents be discharged. Hydatid tumour of the mediastinum
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G. Anomalies in the auricular ventricular valves. The
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when afterwards pierced with a spear than the aggra
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science of any university of the United Kingdom or of the
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and five years after became pregnant but had an abortion at the
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General s Library there will be no record of contem
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gery in the llAiver8ily.of pAvia. Translated froin t Ilalian with Notef
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covered with coagulated blood and the shirt and pantaloons of
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Dr. Tinker 2 has given us would reveal the fact that American
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ments and enhancing the value of the whole by appending a splendid
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sues they are usually referred to as atrioventricular rhythms. Such rhythms
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been improving under the use of thymus extract but had come
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prevention of chronic uterine infarct apply with equal force to the pro
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this fact is fully understood much of the objection raised against

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