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arms especially of the deltoid supra and infra spinatus biceps and triceps.

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on Cataract and of forminor an Artificial Pupil 8vo Wisbech 1811.

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the theory. Without having known of the finer processes which

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practicallj independent of the anaesthetist. He admitted

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assert in their name that hope of remembrance by posterity

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morphologically with the control culture of typhoid.

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pilocarpine and sometimes a secretion was observed to take place in the middle

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As to Sex. Of fifty patients thirty one were males nineteeen

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acid reaction coagulates readily and is difficult to make into

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Poet. The class is singularly deficient in Tennysons and Longfellows but

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after attacks especially when well marked excited by

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artistic but powerful to effect great ends that restless nervous energy

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the cavity of the mouth began to cause inconvenience about eight

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The corpus luteum of pregnane does not commence to di

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Some writers hold that in cases of dyspepsia in which

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oil treatment of ringworm has prospered in Dr. Liveing s hands. There

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cases. Rest will soothe the heart and reduce the pulmonary con

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cholera yellow fever typhoid fever or bubonic plague is abso

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than doubtful if the young practitioner well qualified

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of twelve months or more had elapsed from my primitive ill health to

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there were no histologic changes of a mA xedematous character

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the horrible suggestion. Perhaps we might emphasize the

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of the individuals selected for the purpose was not known until

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even profound emaciation does not of necessity interfere.

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for a larger proportion of nitrogenous great cold for a

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which are given on a plate accompanying the article.

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about one and a half inches of the tibia. Two weeks

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shank Dales Emmerson Farncondj Ferguson Hardy Horton

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of syphilis are largely those of non specific inflamma

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considerable impetus has been given to the idea that malarial

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would lay himself open to a charge of unfairness in

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foundation of a criminal career for that generation if the children

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ty and three fourths per cent below. From three to six

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occupy the place now wrongly attributed to contagion and to

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tivating a bad habit of writing which is worse in its way

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subsidence of symptoms on the eighth day after onset

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proach of defervesence to return soon to normal. The lymph

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usually suffice for a diagnosis. If however np vesicles can

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Professor von Noorden has for more than a double de

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strale that oftentimes such repair does not take place. In other

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those cases in which hydro pericardium becomes pathological. It is

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Thomas Buzzard is due the credit of insisting on the differentiation from

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and that therefore Captain Jones is not legally entitled to mileage.

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The action of the Executive Committee with reference to

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the materials being in fuch a fituation in refpecl to warmth moifture

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in other diseases from its use. We know also of favorable

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Nov. 14. Animal showed the clinical picture of obstructive

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Fort Niagara N. Y. The water is chlorinated as it contains colon

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hia lamented death has been revised uid a few jKvm tfl

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treats of the clinical examination of the patient. This part rec

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Case XXIX. This patient who had the greatest waste nitrogen

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the examination but moves from side to side making a satisfactory

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