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for instance in the production of toxins by the B. diphtheria

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abortion spasmodic strabismus spasmodic tic and tor

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the same rule was found to hold good in cases of communities. An

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above mentioned and certainly if correctly interpreted the symptoms

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up the Carotids along the Subclavian Arteries down the

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gaged in the study of typhus fever and for years my almost daily

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result of this was that the males gradually left the work to the

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and is called passive. The various theories of immunity are examined.

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at the expense of the dark centres. As these birds make great display

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The prognosis is decidedly unfavorable. While it is

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lution will be only then possible when the results of the opposing methods

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city. It brought culture and high ideals and illuminated

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peritoneum by the use of blunt force. The rectus will now be held

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pronounced meningitic symptoms and evidences of pro

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observed in his case numerous phagocytic endothelial cells containing

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bound to attend it. Upon some subjects there might be a very lame

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attacks occurred at long intervals it was thought that

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This disease is not very often met with in America but is

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object of every form of appliance is to remove as far as

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individual poverty is nothing but a legitimate child of social

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gitis takes a much milder course and the pus contains the

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weight rapidly in others the loss is insignificant even under large

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are two or three points that are easily suggested. First as re

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tance which the wave travels before the starting point again enters

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cases of appendicitis and so far all my operations for appendicitis have

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by what the author calls cardiac collapse but this soon

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Neurasthenia is a disease above all others which has to 1 diagnosed

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dable of all the varieties is that known as purpura variolosa the

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Dr. Legge of Cumberland Maryland. These findings were fre

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West Point officers have until comparatively recently

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point to the conclusion that the water supply of Plymouth has

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ill effect upon the mother when given in small doses. It is

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use of both hands and still not to lose his supervision

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secondary haemorrhage three such accidents happening within a period

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hardly be doubted that the highest is a function of the most

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ante haec scribit in verba Quod unus Deus sit qui praedicatur

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sutures may be either continuous or interrupted they

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Siegfried of Nauheim is that it develops the attention and in

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the discharge usuallj ceases about tbe fourth day. The

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Gallopavo fi om which our common domestic varieties have descended.

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a thorough study of five or six of the preparations which

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we have mentioned the measures to be adopted in order to diminish

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metasyphilitic affections that have occupied so much at

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worse than the first claim. It would admit the most poorly edu

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completely disappeared. The submucosa is covered by a layer

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heart during the attack. After the fiftieth year the attacks usually cease.

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This effect of fats is by some observers considered to occur ex

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cedures are imderstood. Basic educational qualifications somewhat

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mination of nitrogen by Kjeldahl. Preparation I N 10.81 per

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