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be any longer ignorant of her condition and the forensic physician will
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creosal a dark brown very hygro In any fluid preparation a dilution
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taneous sarcomata may be fairly attributed to the use
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spermatic cord. To the first of these varieties the
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at the pulmonary valves partly endocarditis partly congenital malfor
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Cold by ice bag applied to the shaven scalp for a time cold
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the aid of local committees medical treatment is now
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treatment of wounds who is not thoroughly familiar with the various
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incorrect. They consider that the primary factor in the tissues is the
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in which state mercury would be contra indicated. When the penis
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apex and apical dulness on percus.sif n with increased fremitus will lie
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in a special letter to the journals that they w ere assured
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report are equivalent to the main subdivisions long existing in this
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with the same breaking of the muscularis mucosse and the
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tinuance of these clinics and dispensaries so as to be available
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giving a professor of a branch time for original work and
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Third All India Sanitary Conf. Lucknow January 19th 27th 1914
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This man had never previously been sick. He was married and had
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or specific disease or was the physical state of the
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Be the election of two representatives of the Council to
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of one or two davs or at intervals of three or four.
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smoke. It was found tliat if the smoke was first passed through
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soon disa pcars a ring of discrete or confluent vesicles now appearing
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immediately started in practice in partnership with
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only trifling lameness. It left hospital on the 8th December.
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gical method suggested for the treatment of this disease
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many cases without the patients paying one cent more
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The Sommering quadrennial prize has been awarded to Professor
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rather in spite of it and speaks for the functional reserve of the
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results from injections of testicular liquid in cases of ataxia hemi
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a. Selection of cases. Chloroform must be given with great
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at the University of Breslau in 1823. At Breslau he was at
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ited method of presenting actual hypotheses partly new partly old
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tests. The only other flask of antitoxin in the labora
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themselves for the highlv responsible du.ies for which they are preparing
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since when she had had no treatment she married and has six
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culture glass at the required temperature was sufficient
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ing power of nature the tendency of nature to throw off the
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to test more or less accurately the capabilities and
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may be dependent on Glossina the epidemicity is due to mosquitos.
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the capsule bulges out in front of the malleoli. In the
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proper to regard all these cases as functional psychoses until
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side of the inner canthus and tearing outward. The wound extended
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proportion of London Students who are eligible to take the
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When oily matters have their globules broken down by
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referring it to the oxidation of the biliary sulphur
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atheromatous arteries. But the abrupt line of descent indicates
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strong characteristic taste warm sweetish aromatic sp.
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chitis pneumonia pleurisy pulmonary oon lt roation and oedema. In most
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effect. Protracted vomiting appears to increase the irrit
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cutaneous disease the acne can have played no role not even
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ment was inspired by socialism and I truly believe it
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was reached. Later this rise of pressure exceeded the initial
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internal pressure. Such pressure is adequately secured by the Coffey
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a shop or a room is capable of producing poisonous effects.
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the workmen have occurred from contact with defect
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bacillus sometimes produces visceral lesions of an extremely marked
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in these modern times are situated in large cities. The

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