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epitrochlear lymphatic nodules were enlarged and there was
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was almost completely destroyed and the crusts were
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laying an open or perforated wooden floor so as to allow the urine
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not be the fault of the remedy but in the selection
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Hieronymo De jejunio disceptcUio de obtrectcUume liber unus.
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Any peptone not so converted by the intestinal epithe
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its name from the number of leopards which the natives suppose
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The history of that case is as follows The patient
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ment ma not be amiss. Of course we do not intend to give
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haemoglobinuric urine. During the night the symptoms disappeared.
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doses it is an irritant poison but seldom produces dangerous eflects as the
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efficient. The medical details connected with the ambulances are to
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very willful and obstinate and insisted on having her demands granted. She
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ing into his field and there is a tendency to revert
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respiration stops but the heart remains normal reduce the
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certain dose of the iodide taken regularly. Upon markedly in
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The sanitary service was rearranged under the following coordinate heads
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young practitioners to abuse remedies of this class by
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Dr. Cawston is engaged upon a research into Snails as a Causo
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evaporation. Experimenting on dogs he found that if the lids were
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Valuable Remedy for. Bugle weed Lycopus Virginicus also known as
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a subperitoneal tumor was noted while posterior to the
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and gradually loses strength. After a time the cough becomes more frequent
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bility and of muscular and articular sensibility while lesion of the anterior
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throughout the whole circumference of the vessel a very narrow slip
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San Ramon Zamboanga Copeland 1699 Luzon Cuming 167.
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kaemia i. e. a progressive hyperplasia of the lymphatic glands
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but very small considering him Hydropicall. Wee found
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brane of the fistule. Remove necrotic tis gt ue. Irrigate wound with
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commissure and when ripe separating from each other into two halves
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varigatum Loess 1892 93 misprint for variegatum Dist..
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sary to summon a jur to decide it who are properly called in
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Natal 1871a 47 62 pi. 1 southeastern coast of Africa. Hatch 1903a 772
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desirable or for the eucalyptol some corresponding remedy may be substi
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of the membrane the temporary stretching during inflation causing a
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the co existence of integrity of the ureters and of a
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then thoroughly powdered so as to prevent the skin becoming sore. This rule
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suddenly ended the case a few hours after my visit. No post mortem
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Remark. The inflammation caused by excision and cauterisation
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this case to which I desire especially to direct attention
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work is creditable enough he either neglects to acknowl
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M11C008 rarfacf of tho Ileum during tho nccond wot k
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removed and permanent relief followed the operation. These
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cially in the outer coats of the eye the conjunctiva and cornea.
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Philadelphia At the regular meeting of this section held
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with the many problems of disease and abnormality he is
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Revival of Tartar Emetic in Treatment of Pneumonia.
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are matters of daily observation. Any project render
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Tissue Affected. All tissues are subject to fatty accumula
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prisoners commonly described as political. For these
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ut nis inrlefinito in consistence and perhap. tliou h not always associated
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Gait. She could not stand alone and was unable to walk
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coarse wire sieve below the upper rim would prevent paper etc. from
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reaction was delayed the space of a half an hour usually being sufficient
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omnivorous dietary habits. In those races studied by de Langen
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Mucilaginis aa quantum sufficit ut fiat bolus quater in die suraendus.
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frequently begins to act in from half to one hour by producing
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action as cardiac tonics but strophanthus nialerially dimin
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Flagella typical of Eberth s bacillus were demonstrated by
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One of the fragments taken at random from the collection mairked B
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been performed on account of phthisis. Thirteen months
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chewing the horse uses the opposite side of the mouth from that on
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constant temptation to put on the market food unsuitable and partly
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logically a pain center as all other special senses have such a center.

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