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record in which the pressure upon the uterus resulted in

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other agency organized in the emergency I need not I

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to digeft the folid fibres of animals or even to afli

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of gentle traction upon the foot. The method of performing bi polar

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staff and the volunteers. Attempts to remedy the situation are now

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in persons suffering from hysteria or hypochondriasis.

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address on The Duties and Responsibilities of Trus

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and cut into thin slices the central portions being rejected.

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various paralyses it remains the means of giving it a

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Thomas A R. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave

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medical staff are not accustomed to interview their

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accomplished l y large brick or cast iron stoves lined with fire brick.

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operative or operative interference. He says in substance that since

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was laid bare for about 4 inches and stretched both upward

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anesthesia was according to Burton of great antiquity. He

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ostomy has come to stay and that pyloroplasty will be done less

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to call inflammation and bec ause of the arguments in

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abolished by the combined subtemporal and suboccipital

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to the proper manag nent of sunstroke a management the

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ords showed the following findings 1 A complicating sinus infection in

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liunting was carried on in the eighteenth century a horse recenily

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need be made to bring about a very profound state of anaesthesia

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years but if the disease is epidemic it is well to renew the

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with the greatest ease. Both masses descend with inspiration.

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wanted. The offer of General Sir Alfred Gaselee formerly

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under treatment auch as 1 have described 1 have hitherto met wittL

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electricity find after four s6anct3 the ascites had

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arch of the aorta the right recurrent is more liable to compression

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be done and it would be almost certain infection to take

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tittcndanta even but in few instances reap benefit then this little

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constitutes a most dangerous complication and cases of these

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tainty be distinguished from that caused by ordinary

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Supplement had increased during the present vcar. This

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The customary division of these tree ferns into three genera Cyathea

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its causal relationshij with the disease caniujt be said to have been delinitely

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night being thoroughly cleansed out the next morning and a new

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ulcerated sore throats profuse salivation etc. It may also be used as a

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is this table of Dr. Parker. I feel as if I was myself

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Disturbances in the diuresis are mostly to be recognized as

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inferior mesenteric was an old adherent stratified

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found as small spots or hard layers or in form of tumours which

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has been used. But despite their very important distinguishing charac

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for their inspection should be more closely defined. Dr.

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They are in fact miniatures of their parents for a cock

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ducted of less importance than that of general pro

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the upper eyelid owing to paralysis of the levator palpebrtu. The pupil is

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course of a psoas abscess and pass under Poupart s ligament into the

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First came in 1827 the Barycentrische Calcul of Moebius a work

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blood stream and excrete these substances in the urine.

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antiseptics. By all means use these injections but never

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length of time of any of the many ingenious artificial larynges which

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the complaint begins with a sense of fullness tightness and weight in the

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In rats blood taken when the infection is at its height both

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amination. Provision is made for a four year course

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tom of pregnancy. In this cafe it gt nerally conies

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and even with difficulty unless you are deahng with

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rendered insoluble as it accummulatcs thus producing cloudy

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months afterwards the animal presented the appearance seen in the

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