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and what considerations should influence us in choosing

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recognised the condition and the majority of whom were of opinion that

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of family from whom no history of infection could be obtained.

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forearm amputation was advised but refused. Diagnosis was

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different organs of the body in many instances may be

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are always sufficiently patent to allow the free passage

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perium a proportion which in my opinion this point.

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and of a rather bright yellowish or brownish red instead

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ple of personal dental hygiene with all its attendant

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autito.xins and a sterile bowel might go far towards con

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and the joints of the shoulder elbow and wrist may be fixed

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in excessive quantities it produces great gastric disturbance however

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the result of the action of certain micro organisms either those normall

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pouls rapide et petit. Langue un peu blanche inapp nce.

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continues in a normal manner. If however the vagi also be divided the

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it deflects light by 3 the angle between its faces is 6.

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extreme delicacy in cases calling for the exercise of such Qualities his

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expect to find cardiovascular changes. Even in those not uncommon

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the patient was in the hospital he cut his throat with a razor.

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site of the old injury increasing until pus was dis

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forms of insanity most prevalent in the different varieties of mankind

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he ll let me treat that there cotton zebra of his n

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the latter have been practicallv relegated to the position of pri

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illustrious medical scholar and experimentalist whose life is now

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present in such cases. The direct results of prolonged bronchitis

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be continued after the opaque matter has been removed the cornea

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or clot and contains the fibrin and all of the solid elements of

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ventilation of the quarters resulting from the efforts to

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without operation almost never gives rise to emboHsm. In

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of the line of descent to future generations because they contain only

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