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Lozenges of Chloroclyne containing about two drops of
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diseased and the aseptic advant es of extreme dryness were
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tended in the ordinary position of sacerdotal benedic
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as that which accompanin retention of fieces tjpbUtis or ct d ttimagit
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joint services of the institution and the Review would permit the trans
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consequent osteosclerosis or degenerative changes in the form of purulent
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catamenial discharge and sometimes spoken of as critical when
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should be very sorry indeed to see the day when the
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Es ware ein bitteies Unredil uenn uir an dicfer Stelle uidit cines
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methods of investigation the work came to be divided up and finally
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it is desired to secure the services of a man who has had
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ganic substance which has been disturbed by impurities during its
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the atmospherical peculiarities of July August and September. When
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ment. The home should be made the most attractive place in
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prove that this was the speech of Bactria where contact with India
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azygos or from irritation and consequent inflammation. All malignant
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used and an occasional dose of pilocarpin. Diuretics such as digitalis
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remind most physicians of their duty to see to it that
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gangrene due to extension gangrene of the larynx malignant endo
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we can readily see how it will justly earn such popularity
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which may quickly become completely crippled although the activity of
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I shall briefly mention some of the measures used in preventing shock.
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increased the vocal sounds were increased in pitch but there
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the Naval Hospital Chelsea Mass. and to duty at tin
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SOEDERBLOM NATHAN La Vie Future d apres le Mazd6isme 1901.
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Phillips New York. Of late years microorganisms have
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Dr. Amable Cade of Saint Andeal also makes a communica
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can boat us in the State. Write each of our precinct
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done even in the case of private female patients with a little tact.
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to have been anticipated often with cogent reasons and in great
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tivation of the soil being the owner of a farm in Randolph County.
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interposed between tbe cbcst wall and the lung but it is now regarded
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or the interstate shipment of milk or milk products from cows
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litter is then lifted to its position and secured one bearer
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A course of carefully selected experiments performed by the
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long since taught us. Dilatation or hypertrophy of the heart
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out newspaper notoriety. An earnest endeavor to separate
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on the frontier it is not practicable to adopt the most approved methods
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Archimedean screw at the outer end of the instrument.
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white cells steadily fell to 9 000. The haemoglobin did not
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mise might be made by using an onion half the time or occasionally.
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marriage. Besides like myxoedema with which it has many
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introduced. I do not emphasize this point which is to be
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not contributing to the bacilluria that is present. It is in just these
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After Death. If decomposition is not too far advanced
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This adaptation is admirable in principle and can usu
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half around seizes the seam witli the tenaculum forceps and
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The last view is somewhat supported by the not infrequen
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It shall annually examine all main outlets of sewers and drainage
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its incidence on the population is slight and it is not increasing. The
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physician but I am bound to admit that some have re
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his article YeUow Fever First and Last has developed an
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Babcock. May 7 1907. She received a blow upon the left
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geldings 4 and 5 years old and weighing about 1 200 lbs. each.
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throat with some swelling of tonsils and was rather feverish.
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so much obstructed our progress. We must bear them continually in mind
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and especially its great fatality now in countries which when first
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which we find stuTOunding points which have already undergone ftus
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Societe Centrale de Medecine Veterinaire was eight years old. For
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nerves pulled down and cut short and a dressing is then applied
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interfere with a business of which he has not even the faintest shadow
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I have reason to believe that the treatment has been
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vertigo nnd of the synorgotie movoincntH of both halves of tlie hody. The
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pfbTi H r. r P bilitics of what might be accomplished by
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is of very complicated construction requiring a spe
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raised or the anterior transverse arch is re formed
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llmrsday evening he complained of languor and and on the follow
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Asiatic breeds. In breeding Brahmas and colored Cochins have plenty
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no physical change to attract attention and the change of
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Mercury Burgundy Fitch is generally used externally to
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Belonged to a lady who died of tuberculosis. It had shown loss of
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opium and belladonna 423. Fomentations hemlock poultices lin
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three considerations of importance in connection with this sub
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hallucinations or anxious states. The monotonous recurrence of a certain
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the reputation of that gentleman in the eyes of the entire

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