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summer sores for dourine might on first thought seem ridiculous.
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only part of each molecule of sugar goes to form the
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mind has discovered a most wonderful field of operation since in no
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Pain in the abdomen radiating toward the umbilicus nnx
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Anthrax bacilli have been known to keep alive in hides which have
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on several occasions coughed up large quantities of pus. A rib
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scesses I removed the tumor by a sui ical operation and the patient
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cording to the present conception in the fasting state bile passes
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One case 16 died on the twenty second day from gastro
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daily in a little water immediately after eating gradually
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If there is a style for each individual member of the orchestra even
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exfoliation of the hypertrophic mucous membrane Virchow erroneously
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phenomena by a general anaesthetic whether ether or
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upward to the broad ligament is in exactly the correct loca
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from what has been written on the subject is well expressed in m
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abundant supply of leucocytes or a relative increase in these and of
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unequally substituted in its plat. a wretched weedy half bred or throe
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poisoning. Hardly less popular is the still more dangerous cjintharides.
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taken into account The reader will find several such cases
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tion to the orifices of the heart the endocardial murmur is heard with
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the symptoms were those of a pure irritant without any of the
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The function of applied mechanics is to establish the fundamental
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or the ganglion cells in the organs themselves where they become
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ing in the footsteps of their predecessors the Mound
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tolerant than the 1913 descendant so that the latter
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survived by one son Walter Byrd Pollard Jr. student at State College
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culous and the syphilitic carried into isolation. Where
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metapneumonic pleurisy whether sero fibrinous or purulent in which the
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has not removed altogether all credulity in the reconstruction of
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les actions Eeflexes normales et morbides trad de I Andais
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sal neurone systems give rise to the symptoms of tabes
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ernor Treasurer of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction were
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national social and municipal lines. Tuberculosis is one of the
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and cadaveric or otherwise highly adducted position of the corresponding
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phasis being laid on the role played by tuberculous Fallopian
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We have received for examiuation a sample of Heuley s
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testicle and cord and sometimes with involuntary emissions it
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within the central organ they issue therefrom as mixed nerves
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to be less severe as the disease progresses but this is not
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are well authenticated cases in which it has retained its virulence for
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Be that as it may her retirement left Goldsmith Maid the
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means of diagnosis was undoubtedly a most valuable contribution
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occurred on the second day. Following the fourth day the average
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death. At the time of day when my father would normally have
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comitant of uremia. Hence while in the earlier stages of nephritis acidosis is
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sible for many deaths. The native medicine men or kahunas
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ular rheumatism. But the exciting agents of almost all other
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Many cases of mild scarlatina fail to exhibit all the
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moment cannot fail to strike the most casual observer
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the standard of their own medical service to have them
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and to allow him to take these with impunity and without
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the method of scraping or scarifying as advocated by Volkmann.
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Keen on his work popular with his patients the best of
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tion and he sustains his position by the results of
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inexorable rule of practice in cases of injury of the base to bear
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ordinary observation leads to the disclosure of the fact that among
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as the infraclavicular region. Alveolar abscesses usually
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in abdominal surgery never get cases which would undoubtedly have
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investigation of the changes which take place in tadpoles that this
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Acts Committee consisted at present of thirty two members.
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Any general comment on the results notes that especiaUy
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the same process repeated the sediment being added to that which
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producing reaction substances to them. We cannot how
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Awarded upon recommendation of a special committee of alumni
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be changed after about ten hours in one place. When applied for any
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an attack on their highly respected medical officer. Dr
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lymphatic system more especially in Peyer s patches of
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all cases where oiygen is liberated heat is evolved Wlien one of
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intellectual life it is not altogether a paradox to say Give us
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He had searched the literature for records of bad results
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sulphides are also excreted by the bronchi and lungs giving
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and A. 0. Goehcke Introductio in historiam litterariam anatomes Frankfurt 1738
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the dura mater show by discoloration the presence of
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laboratory animals bearing transplantable tumors or as pets
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strips ij4 millimetre in thickness were left standing
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Of 15 cases of cerebral diplegia in which a history of
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demic has been widened increasing the possible sources
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The writer found Pavor Medicus present in many children. To
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the result is eminently satisfactory from a surgical standpoint. As it
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information which might be of general interest to the profession. Up to
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the serum were collapse and urticaria. Collapse is best
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cancer investigation laboratories which offer unrivalled
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this class no paralysis is observed. That this remarkable set
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those which move the shoulder joints are rarely much affected. In the

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