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examination shewed abundant streptothrix mycelium. Plate LXX

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He effectually severed the practice of medicine from sub

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that disease. It spreads very slowly for instance in a case which was

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the decade 1 6 per cent of the total cases. I have analysed

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in which the point of intensity as at or about the level

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vessel was tied in two places with kangaroo tendon and divided between the

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There may be other as yet unsuspected modes of infection.

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burton. The medical staff will consist of Drs. John

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artistic but powerful to effect great ends that restless nervous energy

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attitude of cool observation and not conclude that in

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burrow in various lirectioHs or discharge through the ear. A timely

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side presented a typical adenocarcinoma and on the other side a process

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the dose of quinine is moderate the total result therefore is

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land in short of the civilized countries of the world.

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tion in which the blood vessels run. Before tying them

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tympanic wall. These are only slowly recovered from in many

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intimately connected with pericardial adhesions and are dealt with

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head or hrouds astheytermeit for that not onely in

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Symptoms. There are clinically two forms of ammonsemia in one the

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Roll call was dispensed with. Minutes read and approved.

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spinal cord prevents the irregularity depression or the disappearance

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Pancreatis Picis Carbonis Plumbi Subacetatis Fortis

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system. Perhaps it may even be taken for the abbreviation of

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because the water beneath was always more or less in

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myelitis when inoculated with the filterable arus. Streptococci isolated

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the latter distributive and conveying nerve impulses so aroused to distal

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cents per capita. In 1920 exclusive of new construction

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child could detect the smallest point made by a lead

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Therefore as far as these are concerned fuel produc

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against the presence of the disease. The great scarcity of actual

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fectly aware that when this disease happens in earl in amp acy the

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His arteries were tortuous and thickened and his pulse tension was

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stations of all the regular troops participating in the encampment and no typhoid

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pale and bathed in cold jierspiration. He may have nausea and omit.

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pale. Their desire is not to instruct or to be honest

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anaesthesia luinary troubles and fast pulse. He especially warns

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fore they had concluded that everybody was poor and

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at the site of infection. Although the disease is not

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expected in some instances paratysis of the glottic

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cial or domestic preparations there seems to be none that can

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