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found to be swarming with larvae of Culex ihalassius. About 12 acres

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plug has been sufficiently obstructive to the micro

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odor of turpentine. The following is a prescription which.

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tory for the diagnosis of glanders in fresh cases it sometimes

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make the few exceptions of little importance. Orfila in 200

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College by the Bight Hon. James Bryce British Ambassador at

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a sharp spoon should be introduced and the whole cavity

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matic gouty neuralgic and old constitutional syphilitic diseases. In

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in a mild and lenient manner to protest against this libel a Ubel

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common in both children and adults. This could arise from tuberculous

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tology and its close clinical resemblance to several much com

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nutritive influence of the grey centre in the cord and more particularly

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an opposite direction and utidcr the vein which is thus included between

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are unsatisfactory first because one is uncertain of

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lie declared that Moses directed garbage to be burned outside

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As the umbilicus is a recognized highway for infec

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convulsing movements grinding their teeth and rolling their eyes while

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compete. Thus there has developed among you a sense of unity and

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of defcription would not convey fo juft art idea of

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the commonest and at the same time the most dangerous of

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The same thing has occurred here as in the perfectly anal

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siderable in amount. This component substance under

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quick faUiug pulse black dry tremulous tongue great tympanitis excessive

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tuberculous disease of the tonsils but also that of

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usually slight in amount A from an insufficiently collapsed lung. 3

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Werlhofif as cited by my friend Dr. Autenrieth in a book of extraordinary

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knowledge of the disease. Monthly meetings will be held

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of the medical profession. There can be no doubt that

depakote level test quest

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later into the serous cavities. Sclerotic changes in

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whatever liquid it requires. Exercise must be given but fatigue

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purpose. This applies more particularly to the stronger tonics such as the

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That rabies is a relatively frequent disease in ani

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fixed in splints in bed. The standard figures for basal

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by post mortem examination and as yet no opportunity

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as in measles. The eruptive stage offers the greatest diffi

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Urgermanischen Lautlehre has appeared Strassburg 1894.

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absurdity of using names to designate the practice of any

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ologist when tests for pathogenic bacteria in water

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tinction of functional and organic disease appears to be an expres

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practical in any such suggestions. Any condition that

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tuberculous process is and to be successful any form of treatment

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separated on the average by shorter interval of comparative free

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on the intensity and duration of the fresh toxaemia.

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a dissecting room subject had been seen at Guy s Hospital.

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to iufonu the other Divisions of this decision and to e.K

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medium palmatim o lobatis eti lis ad basin seriatim manicato cristatis

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the island of Cos with which his name is so intimately

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In this communication he described the additions to

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heads possess depend on the presence of a small quantity of opium

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as Atropine though not so energetically its effects subside

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the bladder but was unable to push it further. A scalpel

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the operations suggested for the cure of hemorrhoids

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of the general disease process beginning as it did long before

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members of the council are not given presumably they

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fession especially as organized in its various societies like

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Lowest number of red corpuscles per cmm. 4 320 000.

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lesion which accompanies almost every change in the

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emaciated rigor mortis slight small abrasion of back just

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fever. The practical lesson Jackson draws from these observa

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done great harm. All that the physician can do is to improve the

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neuropathic persons in anemic persons or in persons with disease

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might not be interpreted correctly by the dispenser.

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Revival of Tartar Emetic in Treatment of Pneumonia.

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with the dichloramine T alternating with boraeic acid. We advise against the

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and in other cases less oil would give better results but

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betes mellitus as reported in this paper do not at present justify the

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hours were found to be sufficient and it was rarely necessary to administer

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withoute 4 these that ar seid afore att may nojt be

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groups introduced. Acetone and its production is considered in

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numerous cells of cerebrospinal origin which apparently advance

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are not related. Amongst animals when perfect specimens only or

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Even the whole meaning of parasitism is not yet available to guide

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perhaps avaricious both of fame and wealth he was borne on never

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London after an operation was in her turn pati oness of

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strated by microscopical examination clinically it was very diffi

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insured persons are entitled to a free choice from among

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can be preserved he shall dissect in the presence of his

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Medicine and Obstetric Medicine. In 1874 he obtained the degree

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ceived last July the sum of 142 000 on accoimt of this

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given by the mouth in suppositories per rectum etc.

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extremity was normal excepting the abductor indicis

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of whom being Examiners at the date of our said Letters Patent wore

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vision was about 20 200 each eye. Refraction under atropin showed

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