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complete recovery takes place. During an attack the tendon reflexes are

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by the formation of stones or chemically by the decomposition

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diversion of the bile into the stomach was quite consistent

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sary to demonstrate the truth of the first intermedi

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reactions from the neo salvarsan when it was prepared and for

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usually slight and the difficulty of getting during the

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lated from the German with notes. By J. Matthews Duncan

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body of testicle. There is swelling hardness and tenderness on pressure

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casting process as witnessed by myself and then examine into its

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bear his name at the southern end of the barrier continent and

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and this degeneration seems to be a further process in the for

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upon fluids. If twenty four hours pass by without any effect from the

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produce any effect in a person debilitated by some illness may cause

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always free may obtain a diagram of the hall and other particulars by

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place more immediately in contact with the latter. Thus the hair may cease

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or three times a day and after bathing apply the eye wash. The

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of six mouths old and within their first year and so

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onejpiriv. lution and conjudion u itltthe Nutriment. But

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The spasm gradually passes off the muscles relax the

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ventricle to the aorta gradually forces the commencing portion of the aorta

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there being little more than 19 kilometers of water intervening between

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of ammonia as therapeutic agents. The minerel adds are however quite

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references to the effect of heat moisture and organic decomposition on

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nurses were sent home to await discharge or relief from active service

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Mg rement rugueox. L orifioe anricnlo venlriculaire apparalt comme oblil6r6 en grande parlie

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The muscles of the trunk do however become at times involved

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In Napoleon s campaigns whether in that of 1806 7 or the

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bury of New York lately Chief Division Surgeon of Vol

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intestinal rupture or ulcer enteritis obstructions cold storms draughts

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by which the toxic and septic liquid which causes the cedema is enabled

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thought it advisable to let her have some weak chicken broth and light

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lower limbs. The aympathetic haa no independent inHuence on the

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clinical and therapeutic point of view and to see what indica

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handsome octavo volume of over six hundred pages double columns. Just Ready.

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auscultation but the most certain information is often afforded by the

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or even months. But ought we simply to confine ourselves to

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majority were continued for from 12 to 15 hours. The

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conjunctiva and since then they have been employed on every avail

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In general the changes found by Dunn in goats agreed with those already

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to select the nurses from the native population and

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yessei and cargo from want of manual power in case of leakage or

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practicallj independent of the anaesthetist. He admitted

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however the condition gets worse the feces becoming very

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would proceed perse veri ugly with his investigations hoping

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