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maunna be a cheep aboot the hoose for Annie s sake.

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cases for discussion. In this number there were two

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The dissecting free of the ureters is difficult more so than

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suggestion strongly in leash until we accumulate further data.

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we also know that elephantiasis and lymphorrhoea may certainly

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Quae infra recitat Clemens p. 399. Similia apud Platonem occurrunt

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in the treatment of myxedema but very bad results in cre

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opportunities for infection certainly cannot be lacking.

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pert Ignac.e n y oublieront pas le police Qu en dites vous

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long axis is at a right angle with the vertically held

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parent homogenous colored mahogany brown by iodide. In wasting

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Jahresbcrichtc. Under each subject heading is a list

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kidney mark the process whereas the less the glomeruli are affected

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that it was the seat of sensation motion and of the intelli

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vital secondary infection never occurs and consequently

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the whole story. The external measurements may be nor

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action or rarely by violently irregular beating and a systolic mur

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crepancy of data received it is therefore the opin

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valent in those recruits who exhibited changes of the kind under

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were ligated and divided as in the preceding methods. The

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rubber bandages and rubber stockings are absolutely to

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rule that the appendix should be excised in all cases

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genuineness occupied the centre of the stage and was thought of

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and classes induction and rules for practice would be impossible and medical

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It bhoald be applied over a large area with care bat in one

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up to the present time the success of this does not show

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byKOia. Wc bare teen too bow tlic capillaries arc obliterated from

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concussion and described as a simple fimctional dis

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are completely relaxed. The abducted position removes all strain from the

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take place in hospitals and the general practitioners and country physi

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most cases of severe diabetes are inevitably progressive and hopeless. On

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equally affected. One was that of a boy who ate the

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rather more commonly paralyzed than other parts of the body. In lesser

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encapsuled bacillus which he regarded as the cause of the disease.

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each mule was given a bucket of water. Even this action caused

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practicallj independent of the anaesthetist. He admitted

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amount of work was done on the treatment of enteric fever cases

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I shall give a short account of two of the severest cases.

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upper two thirds of the left kidney had shrunk following infarction.

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administered in water three times a day. For the vomiting only a

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that for some time was confused with that of malignant

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and constitutional is in a satisfactory state. In some

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of animals they would point to the significance of the

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to name numerous drugs which will have an injurious effect upon

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breaks up the compound of carbon dioxid and hemoglobin a

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there were several instances of serous meningitis. Only once did secondary

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I have already remarked alcohol deceives us also as to body tem

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to this even when not obviously connected with a particular injury or

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off before we can well satisfy our primary intention.

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would have res dted in breaking up the adhesions which isolated

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merous and distinctive that it is a cUal misted to disregard them.

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phenomena. The irregularity of the uterine system too cannot be regarded

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additions a brief account of the methods of preparing bacterial

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died l.y treatment gt imilai tn that piesuribed for

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