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subjects with which it deals affections of the conjunctiva iris and

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moreover to examine into the remarks of some of the reporters

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interlocked a handkerchief tied in a loop may be substituted and

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the summer and early autumn of 1893 was as follows

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treatises on special subjects and transactions of medical societies. Through

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ernment of the establishment he is practically the ser

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becoming an indispensable factor in the government of

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through the peculiarities of the constitution whether gouty

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pain oF imprisonment and the sale of his belongings at auction.

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of excitement and is even the occasion for a lengthy press notice.

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pourroit bien Hre d autres croicnt que c est pour aider aux

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leucocytes broken down epithelial cells pus and fibrin. The lym

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and sell it as a good article. The same with iodide or hydryodate

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At the onset of the Sophomore year it was discovered that several of

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felt at the digital artery. Pulsation of the gluteal arterc fessicre

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area of the retracted muscle. The ends of the muscle must be

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and be lifted up synchronously with the arterial pulsation or be dis

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What an accomplishment Now after all these years of learning

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and floppings of the liuer amp c. fr j is the full dolfe.

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tropal or numerous and anatropal style petaloid or swollen stigma

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Greeks superstitious as they are have their veins opened one on the

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tended purpose of the examination. Warped and prejudiced

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It is unlikely that material with which further studies

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layers in a flat open vessel and express moderately or

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tice. Reputed to possess antispasmodic virtues and to have been bene

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Whilst urging thus strongly the importance of post

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acts as a powerful antiphlogistic one grain of opium with two or

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how far they succeeded may be exemplified from Palaephatus

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the normal capacity of this pelvis. The left oelvis was

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Now scientific feeding is founded on the fuel value or

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rheumatism of 1840. R arding fever aa the effect of endocarditis

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capitalists who wish to keep up the crowded labor market and

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lanceolate about 13 mm long 5 to G mm wide connivent acuminate

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their decomposition and the evolution thereby of sul

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to be but such as between two creatures that resemble one

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treme emaciation and often referred to latent tubercle and

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for an exhibition flight volunteered readily to submit to

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an extensive hospitalization of the weH to do working

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But let us notice some other facts. Many observers agree in stating

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tachycardia were present small doses proved sufficient

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The purpose of the following cases is threefold. They illustrate

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other way we shall have good reason for suspecting the

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impossible of achievement. By present administrative methods

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Whenever a teacher suspects a physical or mental defect this

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with from 200 to 400 beds and three representatives each

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to leave at least a quarter of an inch corresponding to the anterior

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Dr. Reynolds As late as al out three years ago the average

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water would be all that was necessary. After spending a

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groups of data memories of your earlier clinical observations of your

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After noting the usual physical characters of the speci

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