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haematoma is sometimes found along with an external cephalhaematoma.
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use of manipulation instead of brute force in the re
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sibly sacrifice normally functioning tendons when the result is
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M. Gueneau de Mussy haa also Buccessfully tested this treatment
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Medical Department in service June 30 1919 to June 30. 1 920 299
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tion of the other pelvic viscera will be induced and hence menorrha
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band tl ough this condition will be difficult to diagnose then probably
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the same size and thickness. The pulmonary artery and aorta
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chology of adolescence know that if hyperesthesia in the deep urethra and
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the diluted alcohol four parts of sterile water and five
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closely resembling the superior maxilla. In a specimen exhibited before
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In the first case the antitoxin bad been administered
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was Hskeil to see the case witli me. He made a dingnosiH of
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vessels to pass through to the organs situated in the head
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under its use a glioma of the retina gradually diminished in size.
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cnlous and the sy hilitic nicer. In doubtful cases the inoculation test
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ing now of coarse and unreasonable luxury but of the refined and delicate
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the lower third anteriorly and posteriorly crepitation d was audible.
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were the applicants men they would be entitled to admission to examination for
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operated upon two years ago at this hospital by Dr. Finney I
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truncate at the base 5 7 lined the margins subhyaline ciliate the
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tion etc. do not suffice Id give immunity from small pox. The proof
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oread in each diah and pour tho mixture upon it set
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and other urinary affections either alone or given in combination with
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should be killed. In some instances the castration of stal
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one to three days and had still observed no constant dif
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lester Rotary Club on November 25th is reported to have
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injury for which the patient may execute summary ven
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the French Civil Code but the framers of the revised code agreed
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tuberculosis in 1914 the number rapidly increased during the war and in
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The PROGNOSIS and TREATMENT are as in cancer elsewhere most
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service must be placed under a special officer for on im
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Of all pathological processes it is chiefly inflammation and
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proach there is no iron in them which flies not hke a bird
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