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quired to carry it about the pressure on the tubules is such

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That is the principle upon which we have built our highways. That

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by a convulsive and desperate effort. In cases where there is

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in immediate apposition with tlie wall of the thoni aikd nonnally

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idea with enthusiasm and printed columns of correspondence and com

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micro organisms or an arrest of the processes which induce resolution.

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see no reason why small doses should not be given or in

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corpuscles can still be seen in great numbers. If however the previous

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and argued from these facts that the company knowing that

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Macfaelane H.. Reports on Work carried out in Colonial Labora

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this country were amongst the first to emphasise the value and importance

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better resist vagus irritations and that thus in a second way

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introduced by the gravity method. In the intermittent method the

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Never give Cod liver Oil to any patient unless you want to ruin

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lower whose name was John Cummings an American sailor who had per

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breasts are never pictured as engorged or enlarged. The celebrated traveler

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later 80 cubic centimetres had passed and the patient

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affects the body of the testes while tubercle more commonly involves the

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more or less olnious according to the nature and irulence of the infection.

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contraction of the forehead which evinces sharp internal pain and i

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allusion a un cei tain. Je vois bien que Ton travaille au proces

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spine. Report of Eight Cases of Fracture of the 433

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attended in person to the execution of every detail. He has visited the

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bedding. Later use electricity and administer potassium iodide 349.

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gestion. He voided very little urine the first twenty four

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There is therefore an element of cliance in the killing

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common articles met with in the nose are fruit stones buttons beads

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tion he persues the antelope which if he has acquired speed by

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arms and attached to the litter stirrup to provide countertraction.

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matory origin speaks the nature of the tissue in the opaque portion of

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vSchool at Carlisle Barracks Pa. for a six weeks course of instruction.

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ledge is considerable but his acquaintance with the subject of skin

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vard University are injuring themselves in the present and

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The conclusion arrived at is that the eyes function equally when

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a disease which is said to exist amongst the Africans but Dr. Collas

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words we have had only one single fatal case of pulmonary

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Etiology. The efficient cause of tinea tonsurans is evidently the

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years however field work with anti hog cholera serum has

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marriage might have been chancre two years before noticing

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again exhibited provided always that the heart continues strong and

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ante haec scribit in verba Quod unus Deus sit qui praedicatur

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although he would be inclined to give to Rhazes the practical dis

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Cadogaj. William. De nutrifcione incremento et decremento

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St. Thomas s Hospital will speedily determine to amend the objection

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before was unobstructed is extremely troublesome and the secre

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ginger one ounce. Reduce them separately to fine powder mix

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the pulse 140 bounding. On the 26th October pulse 130 temperature

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that cost cities or communities more than the salary

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completely recovered on the following day. On the forty eighth day after

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would place with the oidia. Culturally these organ

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jarring and shaking of the brain due to blows or falls. The symptoms

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be entitled to 200 000 for buildings and 140 000 for main

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ized Snellen card improved the vision of the school

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sanatoriums infirmaries fever hospitals and asylums.

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for his services as retiuning officer and Secretary to the

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versity basis. As the organizer and director of the med

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and has specialists put her through a lengthy cross examination

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bar is used on the bunk. The ridge and six angles of

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be undertaken with cocaine alone provided the subject be of

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artificial production of disease by means of chemical and physictl

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that time she gave me a history that differs materially from

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the powder is orange coloured. It is very heavy insoluble in water

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