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then as suddenly disappeared. On one occasion this patient

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the functions of speech the remembrance of words is the most

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been bathed in his spirit that while proudly thinking himself another

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torial noIj which sets forth the necessity of animals being examined

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feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical

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supply and nutrition and regulate all the vari us functions of the

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ment evacuating department motor transport railway transport personnel

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ject an adduction in crossed knee jerk of a sixteenth

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affected with hemiplegia after having been in the habit for some time of

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Assoc September 10th. 1921 has observed three cases of

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lently. In extensive inflammatory affections they are on this

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the exclusion of pathogenic bacteria from open wounds. With

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clearly exposed. The author is above all a practical man

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ease. For the cerebro spinal symptoms the methods de

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growth is such as to call for removal an operation will be necessary.

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with the severe pain in the head. Give large doses of

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prevention has reached its acme. Nothing illustrates

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occurred. The wound healed slowly and with suppuration. She was dia

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except as brought by the side lights of toxicology and

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intellectual degradation of the Anglo American Drama to day. But

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that in the fature we shall select with caution our

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of rubber tubing attached to a Killian bottle or by

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Tincture of Strophantus in Plumonary Edema of Children.

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assist to establish a diagnosis. The microscopical examina

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followed by the expectoration of mucus occasionally of a bluish black

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Pneumococci associated with lobar pneumonia and diphtheria

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ren. Characterized by an eruption of minute hard sometimes slightly red

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